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Knowledge is Power


* Are you overworked and stressed out?
* Do you struggle with information overload?
* Do you want to decrease study time?
* Do you want to pass tests with ease AND achieve high scores?
* Are you a professional climbing the corporate ladder?
* Too many books, not enough time?
* Do you scan emails for vital information?
* Your “IN” box looks like Mount Vesuvius erupting, while your “OUT” box is empty?
* Do you suffer dyslexia and find reading is difficult to impossible?
* Do you FORGET what you read?

“Mental Photography” is the answer to ALL of these questions.


What is Mental Photography?

You were born with this ability switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life. You used your eidetic memory, also called the photographic memory, to take in your world around you. Mental Photography taps into this ability, and you learn how to use it for your benefit.


You were an information sponge! You NATURALLY learned extremely complex things during that time. Just ask your parents, or look at your own children.

Why don’t I use it now?

When you go to school you are brainwashed to think by learning to read you are taught a superior method of learning. NOT TRUE! Reading is taught in opposition to Mental Photography. When you were taught to read, your access to this ability was switched off. Reading does not work for everyone because it is NOT a natural ability. Mental Photography IS natural, and does work for everyone.

Can I learn Mental Photography (ZOXing), again?

YES! It is the natural ability you were born with. You never lose it.

We have taught thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU Mental Photography since 1975, when Richard Welch, CEO of Educom Incorporated, first discovered it. For over 35 years we have constantly upgraded our teaching so that you can achieve your absolute best results. We were the First to teach Mental Photography, and we are STILL THE BEST! And yes, Mental Photography is REAL. Richard Welch is the “Father of Mental Photography”

Common Questions About Mental Photography…

Will I have to give up “reading”?

NO! Mental Photography enhances the experience of reading.

Your average reading speed is ~250 words per minute (wpm). Mental Photography (ZOXing) begins at 25,000 wpm. (That’s 100 times the speed of reading!!)

During Brain Management Seminar Training you are tested on recall at 52,000 wpm during the seminar. Proficient Mental Photographers show up to 600,000 words per minute with 90% recall (just turning pages). (Testing has been omitted from ZOX Pro Training, without losing effectiveness or results.)

Mental Photography has the IMPACT of reading something 100 times. It will definitely enhance your experience of reading after you Mentally Photograph the book. You will feel like you have already read the book many times over when you do read it. It will certainly spoil any mystery novels. You will automatically know ‘who-done-it’. You have barely scratched the surface of what your brain is capable of doing!

Even more powerful is that Mental Photography exercises the brain! As a brain exercise

Mental Photography delivers:

* Elevated whole brain activity
* Strengthens neural pathways
* Hemispheric balancing
* Heightened communication between the conscious and the subconscious
* Grow more memory
* Quicker and clearer thinking

Since I have been relying on reading from age 5, will this inhibit Mental Photography?

NO! We refer to the “eidetic memory” as the “photographic memory”.

You were born using Mental Photography. At that time in your life it is referred to as the ‘eidetic memory’ that incorporates ALL the senses. You never lose the ability to use it. Advertisers thaqt use subliminal advertising use your NATURAL brain function to ‘command’ you what to buy. Would you like to know how to gain control over it??

Brain Management Training fully explores Mental Photography; its’ endless uses, attributes, and benefits. You will experience these things during your training and see results. You will learn all you need to know about Mental Photography. Mental Photography is at the core of all of our trainings. By YOU gaining control of your mind, you gain control of your life!

Knowledge is Power!

As you learn Mental Photography or ZOXing, you will also be experiencing “Brain Management”, or the likewise, the “ZOX Pro Training” system. Brain Management explores your new-found abilities and shows you how to use them to get more out of life. Brain Management (and ZOX Pro Training) is a synergistic system that supports your Mental Photography as well as the other life skills you learn here. While you are becoming a great Mental Photographer or ZOXer, you are also taught:

* Albert Einstein’s Distraction Index (Invented by Albert Einstein) for 100% Concentration
* Techniques that open your peripheral vision, intuition, and awareness
* Kinesthetics and muscle testing is taught at the seminar level only
* Subconscious programming
* Relaxation Techniques
* Health Applications are taught at the seminar level only (You can apply our training to anything)
* Dream Programming is taught at the seminar level only
* Problem Solving
* Goal setting that works
* The “Path of Least Resistance” at the eBrain Executive Seminar only.


Why is it necessary for me to learn more than only the Mental Photography?

Mental Photography is wonderful at gaining vast amounts of knowledge. Why would you NOT want to learn more? Our synergistic approach is effective for getting results in the quickest time possible.

You were taught to disregard your connection to your photographic memory. Through our specialized coaching embedded into our trainings, you are able to reactivate that connection with the least amount of effort. We have over 35 years of experience assisting people this way.

You need the other parts of the training to make your effort more effective. This is a “whole life system” that works. If you only focus on the Mental Photography, you will sacrifice much of what you will gain by using the whole system.

We are committed to your success. Through many years of research and hundreds of thousands of participants, we know what works.

Did You Know …?

Scientific research shows that within 60 days of learning “speed reading“, over 90% revert back to reading (even though speed reading is statistically better than reading), because there has been no support provided or basis for beliefs to change to accommodate the new way they have learned. When you use all parts of the complete Brain Management System (ZOX Pro Training System), the results are off the charts — GREAT!

And even one better! It is EASY. The techniques we teach you go hand in hand with each other. And they’re EASY to use!

While strengthening your brain with Mental Photography and other synergistic Brain Management techniques, more life-long benefits will emerge for you.

Benefits include:

* Increased Memory
* Better Concentration
* Increased Vocabulary
* Recall of Mentally Photographed Information
* Intuition and Awareness
* Subconscious Programming to get the most from life
* Require less Sleep
* Eliminate Stress
* Problems Solved Easily
* Enhanced Decision Making
* Achieve your Goals

And through it all, you will continue to learn more and more valuable information!

You’ve heard of ‘Lateral Thinking‘… NOW get the where-with-all to DO IT!!!!

To deny your photographic memory exists is like saying that you were not born.

You were born with it.

You never lose it.

You are just out of touch with it.


We are committed to your success.

You get everything you will ever need from this training. It is just that complete!

Our complete whole life training seminars come with GUARANTEED FREE REFRESHERS for life!

(That’s even better than a money-back guarantee)

We promote independent thinking, self-motivation, and anti-guruism. You know what is in your best interests.

YOU are in Charge!

We put you in charge. Our clients are from 7 years old to over 90. We treat everyone as adult. Along with that, the client is bestowed the adult responsibility to be in charge of themselves and what is in their best interest. Don’t worry – everyone has problems. But everyone does NOT have SOLUTIONS. We don’t need to know what your problems are. But we will provide you the ability to find solutions for those problems, yourself. We help you to help yourself. We turn over these proven life-enhancing techniques to you — for you to be in control of your life, like never before. We hope you have enjoyed this REPORT on MENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY. We will continue to make more valuable information available. For the nearest Brain Management Seminar or eBrain Executive Seminar to you, you can reach us through the Helpdesk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Brain is the most personal thing you possess.


Which type of person are you?

If you believe there is nothing better than slow, boring reading that takes up huge amounts of your time, that you think there is no reason to improve your life, or your life is so completely filled with joy and compassion, then reason has it that this training wasn’t meant for you.

But, if you want to make your life more prosperous in more ways than you can imagine, AND be back in charge of your greatest asset – your brain, then you’ve come to the right place.

Great Things Happen Here!

For more information on this topic and many others, please visit: – ZOX Pro Training – Mind To Mind – The Brain Accelerator : The Official Organization Support Blog

ZOX Pro Training vs PhotoReading

ZOX Pro Training vs PhotoReading

Testimonial of my experience with Brain Management


Comparison to PHOTOREADING

by Enzo C.

Before Brain Management I was stuck in my studies. With a highly educated background this was also a big problem for my family.

As a result of Brain Management, today I am not only doing my studies of law without effort, I have also started to study business economy as well.

This change has occurred by using ZOX Pro Training to improve my mental photography.

I had previously attended a couple of seminars on “PhotoReading” and had been very disappointed.  Whilst I did experience some benefits, the results were not those that were promised in the seminar literature.

When I first purchased the ZOX Pro Training, I thought that because it was so cheap, it was probably underpowered. I am happy to report, that exact opposite is true – ZOX Pro is more feature packed than it appears. Yes, the creators of ZOX Pro have made it easy to learn a very vast and complex system.

There are a number of different Brain Management Training offerings, and

I have completed every one.  Below, I outline my impression and experience with the ZOX Pro Training course.

(for clarity: Brain Management, Subliminal Dynamics and ZOX Pro are all the same; Mental Photography is also called Subliminal Photography and ZOXing.)

ZOX Pro Training

ZOX Pro Training is an online-course that comprises eight audio modules (which are accessible from the Internet) and a student guide. You can download the student guides for every module, the audio files for the first module and four relaxation sessions.  (And of course you have life-long access to the whole course online!)

It is recommended to do the whole training within a week (that will take you about an hour a day) and you do this two times to fill in the gaps.

There is a big FAQ-section that already answers a lot of questions and the ability to ask anything else is done by opening a support ticket (which is usually answered within 24 hours). Additional support training is even sent by email.

ZOX Pro Training provides you with all of the tools, just in a condensed format that is easy to understand.

As you might be a sceptic person and may ponder about spending money for a seminar (and maybe the costs for a journey as well) this will provide you a good insight into the matter. ZOX Pro Training costs only ~200 dollars and comes with a 60-day-money-back-guarantee.

As further background, I would like to share my experience in discovering Brain Management and ZOX Pro training and how they compare with “PhotoReading”.

In summer 2009, I came across a book called “PhotoReading” by Paul Scheele. The more I read, the more excited I got. It seemed like the answer on all of my questions. It seemed like the explanation for all of my difficulties in school.

As I said earlier, I attended a couple of “PhotoReading” seminars and did not experience the benefits that had been promised.

The first seminar was interesting even if it was obvious to me that the instructor did not have the ability to use her photographic memory (that the course made claims of).

I practiced the exercises at home but quit after a while because no results took place. I did not want to give it up completely, so I “photoread” a book once in a while.

Five months later the second part of the seminar took place. I participated not only because I was curious and hopeful; first of all I had already paid for it.

But again, in the second part we learned” nothing else but to photoread a few books of the same topic without a break to gain complete information upon one topic – the course did not deliver what it promised. I hoped so much that I would get further explanations or exercises that will help me to use my photographic memory… It did not!

I knew that there was more. It really seemed possible…

At that time I blamed the instructor, I thought that it was her fault.

More or less a year later I “googled” PhotoReading. I still had not given it up, I was just desperately disappointed. I came across a commentary that led me finally to the eBrain-website where I read the following:

“PhotoReading” is a registered trademark owned by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies invented the term “PhotoReading” after attending a Subliminal Dynamics Course in October 1985. In the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course he attended as a student, one of the subjects covered was Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography. This technique, along with other techniques, have been taught by Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management since 1975.

Three months after Paul Scheele attended the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course in October 1985, he started a company called PhotoReading, apparently based in part on what he learned in the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course, even though he was never involved with the research and development of Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management or Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography.

View Paul Scheele’s evaluation for the October 1985 course.

(You can find and read this on your own at Just click “Endorsements” and then “International”/”PhotoReading”)

The interesting thing was, even though others would be angry, I was not angry at all. I had finally found the explanation why I had no results and I would now have the opportunity to learn the original. Photo Reading led me at least to Brain Management. Therefore, I want to thank you Paul Scheele!

I thought: “Okay, I tossed so much money for these two PhotoReading-seminars, the 200 dollars for the ZOX Pro Training is almost nothing.” Today I can tell you that ZOX Pro Training was probably the best investment I ever did!!!

Photoreading vs. Brain Management and ZOX Pro Training

I am in the unique position (so I have been told) that I have not only completed the two PhotoReading-seminars, but I have also completed all stages and courses offered by Brain Management.

The difference between PhotoReading and Brain Management, including the Mental Photography, is like night and day. Whereas PhotoReading leaves you in the dark, and Mental Photography turns on the light like looking at the Sun.

Brain Management gives you exact instructions how to train your speci

fic mental muscles you need to, and shows you what exercises you should do and how often, and prepares you mentally for the journey ahead.

(It liberates you to really do these things for yourself. And the support is there if you need it)

PhotoReading only gives you “Run!”.

(nothing else, especially no support!)

So it may not be impossible that you learn it from PhotoReading – by my experience, it is only hardly imaginable. Besides, why should you learn an „inferior” (in relation to the quality) copy if you can do the original (for even less money)?

Brain Management gives you a whole system. It is not only the Mental Photography! Yes, it is certainly right that Mental Photography is the magic pill, the key – if you want – that unlocks your vast (and unknown) potentials. But there are a lot more tools that will help you to become exactly the person you want to be. Believe me, you do not want to miss those!

As I said I did all the courses that are offered by Brain Management. You will not have to do this as well. Normally one of them is enough to be able to change your life. You are taught to do it for yourself in such a positive way that is hardly possible to describe only with words!

Below, I share my insights into the other Brain Management courses that I have completed.


The Brain Management Home Study course has basically the same content as the ZOX Pro Training. The only difference is that you get the course material delivered to your home in a package (so you will not have to do the course online) and the tools are explained a little more comprehensively. The home study course costs amount to ~400 dollars plus the shipping.

After I had trained using ZOX Pro Training, I told them that I would like to order the Home Study Version. They told me that I would not need it, and that I should do the ZOX Pro Training over again instead.

I am a person that does not want to miss anything. I ordered it as well. I do not regret it at all I must admit that they were right. ;)


The Basic Seminar is conducted over three to four days. You get all of the tools and they are well explained. It is great to meet other people that think differently, too.

If you wonder what I mean with “different” just tell someone in your surroundings that you are doing a course that will help you to gain access to your photographic memory again. ;)

It is even better to come across people who did the seminar some time ago and are repeating it.

(Once you have paid for the Basic Seminar, you can repeat the seminar as often as you wish – you only pay a “sitting fee” that is usually around 100 dollars. This is true for the EXECUTIVE Seminar as well!)

People that have already been through the seminar see the world through different eyes because they have already completed the learning path, are using the tools, and accessing their photographic memory in daily life.
The basic seminar costs about 900 dollars.

(only for $ to $ comparison: the first PhotoReading-Seminar costs about $1,000 dollars; the second one about $500)


In the Executive Seminar you get a much better understanding of how to use the Brain Management and Mental Photography tools in your daily life.

Shannon Panzo, who is the only instructor teaching it at the moment, collaborated with Richard Welch to further develop every tool.

The second purpose of the Executive Seminar is to go into detail with every individual. Everyone has his own problems, his own wishes, as individual people. You gain valuable insight how to realize your personal objectives.

The Executive Seminar lasts three days, and is only taught in Australia (and sometimes Asia) by Shannon Panzo. The costs for it amounted to about $2,500 dollars.

It was the Executive Seminar that allowed me to realize the whole dimension of might and power that I have sitting there within myself. I am in charge of my life. My life is what I make of it! I had heard this sentence several times before, but I first really understood it during the seminar.

While I was travelling to Australia for the seminar I asked myself if it was the right decision to spend $2,500 dollars for the seminar and even more for the journey… Today, I know that it is not possible to pay for the value of what I truly received!

From my point of view, I must admit that I would make the seminars a lot more expensive. When I asked Shannon why they make the seminars so inexpensive he explained to me that it was always the philosophy of Richard Welch (he is the founder of Brain Management, and is also called “the Father of Mental Photography”) that everyone – who is ready for it and wishes to do so – has reasonable access to it; not only a priveledged few that can afford it!


In Summary:

If you asked me what the best thing is that I gained of all this I would say that it lifted the veil from my eyes.

(I am referring to the “veil” that was blocking me from seeing the real world.)

Before ZOX Pro I locked my problems and my fears as deep as possible and “tried” not to be aware of them. Now I am digging deep, and I have eliminated the word “try” from my vocabulary!!! ;)

I am much more aware of who I am and what I want in life; more spiritually spoken “what I am meant to do”.

Other BIG PICTURE changes include taking RESPONSIBILITY for me and my actions. Even if it may sound strange to you, I am feeling much more a “man” now.

As for the comparison: there is no comparison! Brain Management and Mental Photography leaves Photoreading in the dust!

I have no desire to ever pick it up again. Photoreading has nothing for me.

To sum it up I cannot phrase it better than Shannon does:

“The resources that each person has sitting on their shoulders are vast beyond comprehension. Brain Management, Mental Photography and ZOX Pro is the perfect vehicle to unleash a person’s unlimited ability.”

I can only recommend to everyone – no matter at what point of life – to not miss another day. Take the slogan of Nike as your motto and


What’s Your Top 10? – Part 1

What’s Your Top 10?

A Business Marketing Exercise

(Part 1)


Recently, I was asked, “What makes your product – ZOX Pro Training – different from other brain management products in the market?” The question was asked by a promoter wanting to promote our ZOX Pro Training seminar on line, using the top 10 things that make it different. This made me stop and think. This was something I had not assessed for some time. It would be a valuable exercise for me. It is basic marketing, and if you have a business, you should revisit this periodically with your business. Once I got started, I came up with even more than 10 things that make the ZOX Pro system different from other brain management programs. That’s great!

This is an excellent exercise for any business that wants to market what is has to offer. List the attributes about your business or its products. Start with a short list of key things – an outline. These attributes should be what makes your product stand out in the market. They could be unique properties, like on the Internet, they could be a better design, or they could be a combination of attributes, together defining your business that places it above the competitors’.


If you have No Other Quality – Sell Yourself!

If you cannot think of anything that makes your business or its products special, then you need to look elsewhere to build your list. First, sell yourself. If your business has nothing different to offer, then offer yourself. Who are you? Why would you be the better person for someone to deal with than someone else?

Now, if you can’t think of any way that you can sell your business attributes, your product attributes, or yourself, you need to start asking yourself, “Why am I in business?” The good thing is that you haven’t run out of options of what you can pull attributes from. How about relatives or friends? Have you tried to convince people you know to try your products? We have tried out ZOX Pro with people we know with great success.

So, it is a good idea to make a list of the top 10 attributes for your company. Be creative and see what you can come up with, then read our next article in this series to see if what you have come up with may be useful in your marketing plan.

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Great Things Happen Here!

What’s Your Top 10? – Part 2

What’s Your Top 10?

A Business Marketing Exercise

(Part 2)


In the previous article of this series, we discussed how to determine which attributes distinguish your company, your product, or yourself from your competitors’ attributes. If you know about ZOXing, you already know about what distinguishes ZOX Pro Training from other brain management systems, but let’s look at other companies.


Sex Sells!

We have a local plumber that projects himself as a ‘sexy’ plumber. Why? Because plumbing is not sexy; it isn’t even slightly attractive. So, he sells himself as the ‘sexy’ plumber. It sets him apart from other plumbers. (We don’t know if they are ‘sexy’, because they don’t tell us.) Don’t worry, he most likely charges like all the other plumbers – lots.

There is an irrigation company (what? more plumber stories?) that often showed a pretty teenage girl at the end of their television ads. Many men went into their business location thinking she would be behind the service counter. I never saw her there, but I did find out that she is the daughter of one of the owners of the company. Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships – a pretty face can sell pipe!

We don’t try to use pictures of pretty girls on to sell ZOX Pro Training, because we think that ZOX Pro sells itself through other attributes. This example, though, is a way of showing that you can use all sorts of approaches to attract attention to your company and your products. Once customers try your products, they will be able to distinguish for themselves why your company is better than your competitors.


If you have Deep Pockets…

If you’re still low on ideas, you can buy a ‘face’! No this is not a bad hair day, or major cosmetic surgery, this is giving your company a facelift with a ‘frontrunner’. This is a term to describe someone who gives a good face, good voice, etc. to get your business seen. Sure, it’s still your company, and you still make the decisions, but a frontrunner can get you attention. Remember the irrigation company with the pretty girl in the television ads that we mentioned earlier? That is exactly what we mean by a ‘frontrunner’.

Keep working on your list of your top 10 attributes and check back for our next article in this series for more ideas.

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Great Things Happen Here!

What’s Your Top 10? – Part 3

What’s Your Top 10?

A Business Marketing Exercise

(Part 3)


If you ever want a marketing campaign to have at least a chance of working, start with your list of attributes. Once you have your outlined list, expound on each attribute so that you can take full advantage of it.

A Live Example:

I am going to give you an example of this process by using my own business, This is the actual exercise I went through. And while I was going through it myself, I thought that this would be a great topic to write about. Many times you may hear similar techniques in most business builder manuals, but most do not give you real-life examples you can compare with your own situation.

What Makes My Own Business Unique – I’ll Show You.


In the topics I give, you’ll think that some of these attributes may sound similar to start with, but you’ll soon see that there is quite a difference between the points. So, here is where we start:

Top 10


Top 10 Things (Actually more than 10…) that make Brain Management and Mental Photography different from other mind disciplines:

1. Invented by Richard Welch, the founder, my Mentor.

2. We are the original.

3. Invented separate form all other mental disciplines.

4. Our organization specializes in one program.

5. Since we have one program, we have been able to simplify the tasks making it timely (many mind discipline programs take more time than ZOX Pro Training)

6. We’re not here to sell you something else. Therefore, the ZOX Pro Training has a different agenda; yours!

7. Taught on a scientific level, all religions are okay with ZOX Pro Training.

8. Free refreshers of ZOX Pro Training for life. You have a Lifetime Membership.

9. As the course is upgraded, you don’t pay to re-attend and gain the updates on-line.

10. Anti-guruism. You are your own BEST Guru!

11. We don’t need to know your problems. ALL of our trainings and seminars are non-intrusive.

12. Everyone can use ZOX Pro because it’s natural and you were born with it.

As you can see, we have come up with more than 10 attributes! These are still just listed in an outline form. In the next blog entry, we will take the next step of this exercise and expand the list.

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Great Things Happen Here!

What’s Your Top 10? – Part 4

What’s Your Top 10?

A Business Marketing Exercise

(Part 4)

Refine Your List


Now that I have my list of attributes that makes different from other brain management systems, I want to further define what I know about each of these topics. I want to bring out the best in what each topic offers.

The best thing about all of these attributes is they have always been there and haven’t changed. They have stood the test of time.


Top 10


1. Invented by Richard Welch the founder, my Mentor: Richard Welch, my Mentor for over 17 years, invented Mental Photography from speed-reading in 1975. That’s over 30 years of research, development, and simplification, and creating a completely in-depth understanding of every nuance the product holds. Richard is the absolute expert in the field.

2. We are the original: It is important that ZOXing is not an extension of someone else’s work. There are many mind disciplines that have used other works to create their version. That action waters down the effectiveness.

3. Invented separate from all other mind disciplines: From the beginning, Richard was advised to develop Mental Photography separately from all other mental disciplines. Because he chose to follow that advice, he has achieved greatness in his field. Richard is known around the world as the “Father of Mental Photography“. Others have even tried to claim that Mental Photography is related to other mind disciplines, in an effort to capitalize on the ‘good name’.

4. Our organization specializes in one program: In contrast to so many other organizations, we have one product, Brain Management, with several ways to deliver it. The most basic and simple version is ZOX Pro Training. This enables us to be exceptional in our ability to help you achieve your best results. In contrast, organizations that have multiple product lines, have many challenges to overcome, including consistency and concerns about whether the products actually fit together.

If you are in the marketing game, the best way to make gobs of money, is by breaking a system into segments that you can charge for each segment, or ‘products’. You just need to position your company to keep selling to those same ‘loyal’ clients, and pumping them for more and more money, for them to achieve the next level. This leads to points 5 and 6. (Richard chose NOT to use this method of marketing.)

5. Since we have one program, ZOX Pro Training, we have been able to simplify the tasks making it timely (multiple products take more time to teach and to learn). The easiest way to start explaining this is to explain what happens when you have multiple products. It takes you more time to learn each ‘part’. Then, it takes you more time to employ each part daily. If the parts are inconsistent, or in some cases contrary to other parts, you’ll quickly become discouraged with using the ‘parts’. Even good ‘parts’, with benefits, are often left behind this way. (I invented a word, “Developmentitus“, to explain the effects of this problem.)

In contrast, all parts of our ZOX Pro system are complete and consistent with all of the other parts. This seamlessness is referred to as ‘synergy’. The value of ALL of the parts we teach you, are worth more than if you were to learn them separately. And it takes much less time to employ the whole system, than it would take if you were only using ‘parts’.

6. We’re not here to sell you something else. Therefore, the ZOX Pro Training has a different agenda; yours! Quite often you will experience that you are being sold on the next-best thing while you are attending a seminar. We don’t need to do this, because we have one thing: ZOXing. (You’ve already bought the one thing we offer.) That one thing is all-encompassing, and can be employed anywhere in life from this time forward. So, you are getting the entire system up front! This encourages you to use the whole system now… not later as you accumulate pieces. And because we are not pushing things for you to buy, the agenda switches! You will experience the agenda of your ‘learning’.

7. Taught on a scientific level: All religions are okay with it: There are many good teachings that are religiously based that are overlooked because of beliefs. Our seminar is not religiously based. People from all walks of life and religions attend without a problem.

8. Free refreshers of ZOX Pro Training for life. You have a Lifetime Membership. You will never be asked to pay again.

9. As the training is upgraded, you don’t pay to re-attend and gain the updates on-line. Even computer software charges for their upgrades, even if there is no obvious advantage. Beat that!

Let me explain by example: My PC was working at its best was when it was on Windows 95 with all the patches. Then, everyone quit supporting Windows 95. I had to change to a ‘buggy’ Windows 98. Finally, when my Windows 98 SE was running at its finest hour, everyone stopped supporting it. So, now I have had to move to another platform, just so I can run a new level of programs that the old unsupported Windows 98 SE couldn’t run. Eventually, they will do the same thing with this ‘buggy’ operating system. They will improve it with patches until they have it running optimally, then it too will be obsolete and unsupported. The question is why? I was happy with the performance of the old system. Then I was forced onto platforms that are inefficient and cumbersome. Since that time we have added several new platforms. It has all gotten so sophisticated that we now must accept 64-bit software, because the massive globe smashing programs will no longer run on 32-bit platforms.

There is one final detail I left out; actually the most critical one. Dollars! You see, each time there was an upgrade, I had to pay more money to get it, without any obvious benefit!

Since Microsoft is now giving away absolutely insane amounts of money to charity, why not give a little back to the little people that helped get them there instead, or is that considered heresy? Give away the next big operating system for free, and this time, have it fixed to ‘work’ without all the ‘bugs’! (I can dream…?)

10. Anti-guruism: We teach independent thinking and decision-making, without the need for a guru to hold your hand, tell you how to think, or tell you how to live. You don’t need a re-charge, because it comes from within you. You are your own best guru. We teach you how.

11. We don’t need to know your problems: We provide the tools to you to deal with your own problems. The system is non-intrusive to your life or problems. If you still chose to consult with us on how to apply the system to your problem, we will give you sign-posts to observe and act upon. It is your journey. You still need to put in a little work to get your best result. If we just give you the answers, we are cheating you out of a valuable experience.

12. Everyone can use ZOX Pro because it’s natural and you were born with it. Everything that we teach is based on the natural abilities you were born with. You have just been taught out of using them. But since you were born with them, you never actually lose the abilities, you’re just out of touch. We help you get ‘re-acquainted’ with them.


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Great Things Happen Here!

The Best Speed Reading is NOT Speed Reading! It’s ZOXing!

Speed Reading? What about ZOXing?

(ZOX Pro Training Series – Part 1)


Ah, speed reading! If you’re like most people, speed reading probably conjures up romantic imagery of being able to just whip right through all kinds of wonderful books and poems and blogs and other types of documents at record speed. You want to read as fast as possible so that you can get on with the life you want to live. Sounds GREAT, doesn’t it?.

But, of course, the dream of speed reading doesn’t really reach enough people who DESPERATELY NEED IT!

And this is no fault of their own!

Many people will do their very best to diligently follow instructions to get the most out of standard speed reading courses. However, try as they might, they never quite get the sensation that they can confidently read what they need to read in a short period of time. And most speed readers revert back to reading within 90 days.

And, in a certain sense, it’s not really the fault of the standard speed reading courses, either.

But, the truth of the matter is this: those traditional speed reading courses, just weren’t designed to be robust enough to help you get the very best out of speed reading…

Enter ZOXing!

Haven’t heard about it? Don’t worry! You will! And you’ll be glad you did! So, stay tuned to our blog as we share with you how the concept of ZOXing can help you with your speed reading and much, much, MUCH, much more!

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I Don’t Read,… I ZOX!

What is ZOXing and Mental Photography

ZOXing – What Is It?

(ZOX Pro Training Series – Part 2)


From the previous article, “The Best Speed Reading is NOT Speed Reading! It’s ZOXing!”, we now want to tell you what ZOXing is…

Primarily, ZOXing is 2 different things:


1) ZOXing is the same as Mental Photography (invented in 1975 by Richard Welch, “the Father of Mental Photography“). Richard Welch facilitated the use of Mental Photography and co-developed ZOXing with Shannon Panzo in the Internet version referred to as ZOX Pro Training. Mental Photography taps into the natural photographic memory we’re all born with and allows us to take in information at extremely high speeds with extremely high retention. Mental Photography also exercises our brain in extraordinary ways.

2) ZOXing is the ZOX Pro process as a whole; all the different components of ZOX Pro training. It gives you an easy way of saying that you’re performing any component of the ZOX Pro training.

To give you just a little of the flavoring of what “ZOXing” is, it can also be used as a noun, verb, and as an adjective. For example:

ZOX (n) = “I want the ZOX (Pro) Training” – or – “I’m ordering the training – ZOX (Pro)”

ZOX (v) = “I don’t read,… I ZOX!”

ZOX (adj) = “I’m ZOXing my information.”

In upcoming posts, I will share with you some of the specific things ZOXing can do for YOU!

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I Don’t Read,… I ZOX!

What Does ZOXing Do For YOU

ZOXing, What is it all about?

(ZOX Pro Training series – Part 3)


A Clean Slate…


Someone didn’t tell you to pick up your “User’s Manual” on your way though. You weren’t born with the users manual to your own brain. So, how can you possibly be expected to know how to use the best functions of your brain automatically? You can’t be expected to know those things, right?

What you rely on from the time you were born is what everybody else is telling you and teaching you. Most things that you learn are very valuable and applicable in life. But some of these things may be destructive. Some of these things may inhibit you from being your best. And because they play in the background, you don’t even know they’re there… We refer to this as baggage…

Time to toss out the trash…

In order for you to be the best you can be, you need tools – easy to use tools – tools that utilize the correct, natural functionality of your brain and the tools to help you clear out the baggage that holds you back. That is what ZOX Pro Training can do for you. We teach the primary tools you need to reduce your baggage and get your life on track.

Your baggage is held in the subconscious part of your brain. Mental Photography, or ZOXing, creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and subconscious parts of your brain. It gives you the access you need to make those changes that you want. ZOX Pro Training is designed for this, and much more.

Indeed, ZOXing is a tremendous exercise for your brain because it does so many things at the same time.

To start ZOXing and reducing the baggage which may have been holding you back, visit:

The next article in this series will give you more specific things ZOXing can do for YOU!

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Great Things Happen Here!

Improve Your Memory With All Natural ZOXing

Improving Your Memory … ZOXing is NATURAL!

(ZOX Pro Training Series – Part 5)


ZOX Pro Training is Good News for your Memory


We want to show you how ZOXing can help you improve your memory. Here is a bit of good news about how ZOXing (via ZOX Pro) can help you improve your memory…

First, let’s talk about the difference between an ordinary memory training system and ZOX Pro. This will give you a basis as to what makes ZOX Pro unique and how it can do so much more for your memory.

Most ordinary memory training is based on what is referred to as the “cup and hook” method. It’s an associative method that takes a lot of time and practice and you can get very good at it, but if you don’t keep it up, you’ll just go right back to where you were. It is not lasting, unless you keep using it.

On the other hand, as we have previously stated, ZOXing, or Mental Photography, is an extraordinary brain exercise. It exercises your brain with the ability to push you past your normal limitations. In so doing, it triggers a change to happen within your brain. Commonly known as “brain plasticity” or “neural plasticity”, it stimulates your brain to structurally undergo a change. You grow more dendrites. “The dendrites in your brain are memory storage compartments which grow off the brain cells, like hair. As you grow more dendrites, you’re actually growing new memory. The quantity of memory that you can access and possess structurally increases in the brain. (Ordinary memory training does not do this. They have difficulty in pushing your brain past the limits that triggers brain plasticity to grow more dendrites.)”

It is nice to know that when you are ZOXing a book, you are automatically growing more memory as a natural bi-product of the ZOXing. This NEW memory stays there as a structural component within the brain, permanently.

If you’d like to improve your memory and your ability to retain huge amounts of usable information, we encourage you to start ZOXing by visiting:

In the next article in this series we discuss ZOXing and how it can improve your ability to concentrate!


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I Don’t Read,… I ZOX!