Educate the World – Change for Good

Do Something Positive Today…

The World has Problems. You Can Help Solve Them.

Education is the Key…

Dynamic Education empowers people. When people gain superior knowledge, they see the world differently. Solutions are at hand, and poverty no longer binds their future.

Your Voice Is Important…

Let it be heard. You can help bring relief to Mankind’s paralysis of overbroad poverty and closed-mindedness.

You Desire a world free of fear.

The Typical NEWS today, is plagued by Wars, Starvation, Disease, Terrorism, and Violence… WHY? Thinking people everywhere question if politicians and Governments of the world are really going to save us. Look at the mess they have already made of things.

YOU are born to this world. Be a part of its salvation. YES… It starts with You.

“Become the Change You Want to See in the World…”

The world does not need a New World Order.
However, the world DOES need Communication and Understanding. It is time for Humanity to come forth and shine.

“I have been doing this work for over thirty years. I have seen how it empowers people from all walks of life.”

The revelation of time-honored Brain Management techniques are unparalleled, available now, and will assist in raising the conscious awareness of all that implement the proven tools… Then comes the Ripple Effect.

First, a little about us…

Your Birthright

For over 10,000 years, there have been references to the fantastic “God Given” abilities
you have stored within you.

Enter ZOX Pro

Use Brain Management’s ZOX Pro Expanded Mind Development Training to Rediscover your Photographic Memory

  • Lost in antiquity & reintroduced in 1975
  • Further developed by Richard Welch, PhD
  • Absorb 50,000 words per minute, or more
  • Increase your retention… to 95% or more.

For forty years ZOX Pro’s unique knowledge assimilation methods have been revolutionizing the lives of professionals, professors, technicians, bureaucrats, homemakers and students.

It ‘s high time people just like you upgrade their life and the lives of all those around you with the addition of Mental Photography.


2.0 is currently available for purchase.

3.0 begins initial funding here and now.

ZOX Pro changes to your Life:

  • Read hundreds of books (using Mental Photography)
  • Program your mind for success
  • Achieve Laser like Focus
  • Concentrate like Einstein
  • Empower yourself and those around you
  • Gain skills you never knew you had.

ZOX Pro Delivers Benefits:

  • Expanded Mind Development Training
  • Reintegrates your perception and awareness
  • Heightens communication skills
  • Raises confidence to invincibility

ZOX Pro Features:

  • 24 hour online access and support
  • Steadfast dedication to growth

Our Vision…

We want to present this to the masses of people, resulting in global education and a heightened state of communication never before seen in past millennia.

Everyone feels it, there is something missing from our lives.

We must individually rise above the Machine and produce outstanding value.

ZOX Pro gives you the ability to recreate your world.

The Secrets of Photographic Memory were uncovered and further developed by Dr. Richard Welch after extensive research, leading to the discovery of the parts of the brain which house the photographic memory. This knowledge has the ability to change the world.

Become The Change You Want to See in the World…

You CAN Make a Difference!

You can support our efforts to benefit the world today.

Gain the Benefits of getting the New and Expanded ZOX Pro 2.0 Mind Development Training for yourself or a loved one… or help us grow by funding ZOX Pro 3.0!

This powerful training pierces the fog of ignorance, removes the bondage of poverty consciousness and changes the lives of its users.

ZOX Pro 3.0 promises to be better at achieving these gains than ever before. Your support is also your voice that you believe that everyone in the world needs a change up from our current global paralysis of overbroad poverty and closed-mindedness.

ZOX Pro will expand to the level of your support:

  • Advanced training development
  • Improved website/support
  • New materials implementation
  • Further language translations

Support Levels… (All dollar amounts welcome.) via

Ж Genius Gift Level:

$25 – $125 Introductory eBook Pack

Ж Socrates Gift* Level:

$126 – $199 ZOX Pro Training Version 2.0 – NOW (fully supported on line) Discount on upgrade to 3.0, upon availability. Introductory eBook Pack

Ж Einstein Gift* Level:

$200 + ZOX Pro Training Version 2.0 – NOW (fully supported on line) Automatic upgrade to 3.0, upon availability. Introductory eBook Pack

*A portion of proceeds goes to the underprivileged for your support of $125 or more. (Socrates or Einstein Gift Level)

Gift Giving Nominate others to receive ZOX Pro Training (Please only nominate people you know personally, so they will know who it is from. Your Name will appear on the gift.)

(Great for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Graduation)

When you Educate the World, Everyone Benefits.

Come and Join us. The World needs your help..

Thank You for Caring,
Shannon Panzo, and the rest of the Brain Management Team.

Great Things Happen Here!

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