Dr Shannon Panzo

Managing Director of Brain Management and ZOX Pro

Expert in the fields of…

  • Brain Management
  •  Mental Photography
  • Photographic Memory

Dr Panzo is the Genuine Successor, and the only personally authorized teacher to carry on the work, of Master Richard Welch, PhD, the “Father of Mental Photography”

Dr Shannon Panzo is an expert of Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, and the practical functions and applications of the brain, and how to make your brain work better for you to achieve a better life. More of a Mentor than a Coach, for over 30 years he has taught people how to access the higher uses of their mind, and endeavours to help people to gain and maintain their lives in a positive way

Geographical Reach: Worldwide

All of our trainings; ZOX Pro, Brain Management Seminars and Mentoring utilize Mental Photography at their core; it provides key functions and attributes naturally accessing the photographic memory. This enables clients to make improvements in every part of their lives.

ZOX Pro Internet Training is available globally. The Training utilizes simple techniques to enable lightning fast speed reading, achieving nothing less than 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, or more words per minute.

“ZOXing” (Mental Photography) is an ability that’s 100 times the speed and 100 times the impact of that of the average reader. By tapping into the brain’s extraordinary ability to deal with information, the holistic approach incorporates many of life’s functions, helping to make a client’s life much more effective.

The key to ZOX Pro Training is that it activates an individual’s inherent capacity for Mental Photography, which is a flood of information for upload to and download from the brain’s photographic memory capability. By accessing your capacity for Mental Photography, you exercise your brain, and employ much more of the human brain that is normally not utilized to its full potential. Taxing the brain in this manner triggers a higher rate of neuroplasticity, increasing the brain’s abilities.

The ZOX Pro Training System is a daily regimen that can provide phenomenal results. Users of the training program report having immediate improvement in concentration and self-esteem. Intellectual gains include advanced problem solving, programming techniques, critical thinking, and lateral thinking.

Dr Shannon Panzo is committed to enhancing the lives and productivity of people around the globe.Shannon Panzo is committed to enhancing the lives and productivity of people around the globe.