Richard Welch, PhD

The “Father of Mental Photography”

Founder of Brain Management

CEO of Educom, Inc.

After years of testing, refining and simplifying Mental Photography, a form of hyper speed reading, and the synergistic process, then many more years of helping people globally, Dr. Richard Welch agreed it was time to present his life’s work on the Internet. ZOX Pro Training features the best parts of Richard Welch’s teachings in one easy to manage program. Mental photography or

ZOXing also gives you:

  • Elevated Whole Brain Activity – simulates the growth of dendrites* within the brain – *(Each of our 100 billion active neurons or brain cells has a cell-body or nucleus. Effectively all of these cells are present when we are born, but each can sprout up to 20,000 branches or dendrites, which grow like trees to store information – Our MEMORIES.)
  • Strengthened neural pathways – you have greater accessibility to and from your memories [both new and old] which also helps your brain and body to work together better
  • Brain Plasticity – Mental Photography provides the stimulus exceeding the Neural Plasticity threshold and triggers exponential brain growth building new brain cells, neural connections and synapse.
  • Hemispheric balancing – two sides of your brain deal with different things – the more integration you have between the 2 sides of your brain, the better you are at everything you do
  • Heightened neural communication between the conscious and the subconscious
  • More memory capacity and accesses from your old memory and new memory – better memory
  • Quicker and clearer thinking and decision making
  • Better comprehension of information

Richard Welch Explains:

Reading, Memory, and Mental Photography

Richard Welch

Holistic applications and client experiences

Richard Welch

Intuitive Management and Fortune 500 CEOs

Richard Welch

Wealth creation application

Richard Welch

Richard’s personal advantage

Richard Welch

Shannon Panzo PhD - Managing Director ZOX Pro Training | Executive Vice President - EducomShannon Panzo, PhD

  Managing Director of ZOX Pro Training and eBrain Management

  Executive Vice President of Educom

Mental Photography and Brain Management Expert
Writer, Author, Creator, Speaker, Instructor

Shannon has been involved with the worldwide operations and distribution of Brain Management since 1986 and teaches an “Executive Version” of the seminar to students, as well as training instructors internationally. (If you want to attend the eBrain Executive Seminar, submit your request at the Helpdesk.)

With the ZOX Pro Training System , Shannon Panzo has helped people all over the world achieve higher mental functionality and improved well-being. Currently the Managing Director of ZOX Pro Training, Shannon Panzo began working closely with his mentor Richard Welch in 1986.

While collaborating with Richard Welch, the “Father of Mental Photography” , Shannon Panzo developed and adapted Mental Photography and Brain Management research into accessible products for people all over the world.

Shannon has dedicated his life to showing others how ZOXing makes Life easier, better, and more successful.

Shannon Panzo was elevated to Australasian Regional Director of Educom, Inc., enabling him to expand the company in the region while facilitating all operations and marketing efforts.

As the Managing Director of eBrain Management, Shannon Panzo serves as the singular Instructor of the eBrain Executive Seminar, available in Australasia. Offered only in Australasia, the advanced version of the Brain Management Seminar includes the presentation of advancements created during the 17 years of joint groundbreaking research conducted by Richard Welch and Shannon Panzo.

Through the eBRAIN Management Executive Seminar, individuals receive instructions for the three scientifically proven methods of Mental Photography. The Seminar also explores techniques to enable your brain to activate the vast avalanche of Mentally Photographed material that normally resides in a part of the brain inaccessible to the conscious mind.

By Shannon providing in an easy to learn format on the Internet, the ZOX Pro Training System enables individuals to capitalize on their innate mental capabilities through the power of Brain Management and Mental Photography.

Moreover, Shannon Panzo recently coauthored the #1 Bestseller inspirational book, “Bouncing Back – Thriving in Changing Times” , in which he explores themes relating to overcoming personal adversity. He also writes for several organizations on the powers and flexibility of the mind. Books that he has authored include the “Great Things Happen Here!” Series.