Eidetic Memory vs. Photographic Memory

ZoxPro online training is unique in being able to define and utilize eidetic memory recall.

Eidetic is defined as extraordinarily accurate and vivid recall. The differences today are defined by etymology and convention.

Numerous studies show all children to possess eidetic/photographic recall. Adults possess eidetic recall abilities also, though many do not realize this. Recalling memories, especially for adults, is often not very accurate even though the memories are available to them.

The terms ‘eidetic memory’ and ‘photographic memory’ are used today interchangeably because of convention. ‘Eidetic’ was initially used by psychologists. However, the word was not widely recognized by the lay person. Visual intake of information is a major stimulus in humans and because of this, references to eidetic recall as ‘photographic’ increased. This is also more readily relatable to the general person and has been frequently used in place of eidetic memory. When used in this manner, there is no difference between ‘eidetic memory’ and ‘photographic memory’.

The word origin, or etymology, defines an eidetic memory as the ability to recall memories as they occurred in all senses with great accuracy. ‘Photographic memory’, then, would be the visual component of eidetic recall.

The best way to enhance memory is through eidetic memory training. Why? Eidetic refers to extraordinary recall of information. All memories are stored by the subconscious. The time-tested and scientifically proven exercises of ZoxPro training build the pathways between the conscious and subconscious mind, allowing greater access to memories with high accuracy.

The most powerful brain exercise ever discovered, Mental Photography, specifically enhances eidetic recall and is the central pillar of ZoxPro training. All brain wave states are activated to the maximum simultaneously while mentally photographing. Neuroplasticity is the capacity of the brain and nervous system to build new connections. ZoxPro training is very effective in increasing neuroplasticity, enabling your brain to build better neural connections and increase in volume. Practicing the whole brain learning technique of Mental Photography also leads to greater balance of the brain’s hemispheres, which has numerous health benefits.

How can the reader relate? You already do. The feeling of “Trying to remember” would not exist if there was no memory there to recall in the first place!

Eidetic memory training for memory enhancement can be simplified. Want to explore your eidetic memory? Check out our online course at ZoxPro.com!