How To Sell ZOX Pro Training To ANY Niche:

Hello Fellow Marketer,

I have been selling this one basic product for over 25 years. I know most all there is to know about the product and how to sell it. I am the Brain Management and Mental Photography Expert. (There is always room for improvement.) I worked my way up through the company and was mentored directly by Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography. We collaborated to further the advancement of this training and to make it available worldwide. Above everything else, you must first realize that ZOX Pro Training is highly sophisticated, yet oversimplified. It is a very HUMAN product with the capacity to help everyone to improve their life.

I am constantly being asked to create cross-sell promotional emails for affiliates. I created them using the strategy I am revealing to you here. I know this simple strategy works. Best of all, it allows you to personalize your emails to better connect with your readership. So, I have decided to hand over this very powerful tool to use for monetizing your email campaign. If you get really stuck on how to apply the “recipe” to your niche, contact us for assistance.

Best Regards,
Shannon Panzo
Managing Director, ZOX Pro

Formula for promoting ZOX Pro Training to any niche [email marketing campaign].

To give you an idea how this is done, I will guide you step-by-step through a simple discovery process, then the basic principles of what points you should have in your email.

Example and Discussion
Determine the niche you want to promote ZOX Pro Training to.
I will give you an example – Golf
Make a list of the top 3 – 5 things that are the biggest, common gripes that your niche has. If you do not know the answer to this, then survey the people you have on your email list.
Here is a clear example of a gripe:One of the top gripes that golfers have is how to reduce their score.
Once you have determined your list of gripes, clearly define what the problem of each is. This is the part you are most suitable to do, because you are the person that is most familiar with your niche.
For reducing Golf scores, we will look at mental attributes. Golf is more a mental game of attrition than most people think. So, concentration, focus, distraction, and stress all play a part.
Here is where you need to put your thinking cap on. You need to think “mental”.What does ZOX Pro Training offer to solve the problem?Please refer to this list of benefits:

ZOX Pro Training Benefits

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What does ZOX Pro Training offer that a Golfer could use to decrease their score? Concentration and focus, eliminating distractions, and stress reduction, plus more…
Make your points as to what the perceived problems are, and what it would be like if the reader could make it better.
“Would you feel more confident in your Golfing, if you knew you had recently shaved several strokes off of your game?”
Point out that the main thing they are missing is best and correct information.

“Superior Information gives you Superior Results.”

Discussion of Step 6:How do Golf professionals reach their audience? Golf Magazines.How do top golfers tell people about their success? Auto-biographies, Biographies, Journals.Therefore, if you wanted to improve your Golf game, how would you find out what the professionals say to do? Would you go to a Football game to find out about Golf? Of course not. You would go where the information is stored and correct. Books, magazine, etc. That is now the source material for clients to improve.But what if you could go through all the needed information in a matter of an hour or so, and be able to apply it in the same day? Yes, it does seem staggering.
Make sure make a “closing statement” at the end of your email by stating how ZOX Pro Training will help them to conquer this problem that was mentioned in the beginning. ZOX Pro Training will also help them with many other things as well. The closing statement should have a definite “Call To Action”, to urge people to go that one step further.
For the golfer, ZOX Pro Training would help them to clear their mind of distractions, give them intense concentration and focus for long periods of time, release from crippling stress that makes them seize up when they address the ball, gives them avenue to pre-plan the outcome through practical meditation techniques, higher sustained energy, and more.
I should not need to mention this, but for clarity, I will:Sign your emailwith your name.You are the expert in your niche. Take responsibility for that position.
A discussion of the attributes of ZOX Pro Training you must keep in mind as you are constructing this:As the expert in
your niche, you will be giving your followers the opportunity to do better than ever from taking your advice about this training.
“Superior Information gives you Superior Results.”

What this means is, “Anything you want to change or improve needs information you do not currently have.” In today’s fast paced world, you don’t have time to use the old regular methods like reading or even speed reading. They just don’t do enough. You definitely need what ZOX Pro Training has, at OVER 100 TIMES FASTER than reading, with an unbelievable retention of 100% for the rest of your life.

With that amount of knowledgeable impact, you quickly outpace your peers, in anything

You will be promoting this to your clients in just one niche. But they will be able to use it for EVERY thing and anything they want to do.”

Q: Why is this way better than a swipe email?

  1. You will be able to cross sell something you have never been game to do (if you follow the standard rules not to cross-promote niches). ZOX Pro Training is UNIQUE as it exists to serve ALL niches.
  2. Your knowledge of your niche is specific to you. That puts you in the driver’s seat to create hundreds of truly unique emails to sell this product; they truly sound like you wrote them! (Because you did!)
  3. You can take a brave stance to actually help your clients by equipping them with a knowledge power base to be better or more successful with their efforts. That means YOU become more successful too!
  4. Your email will not be a cookie cutter copy of what they had already received from several lists they are on.

Q: Can I use this type of unique setup for other products?

I would not recommend adapting this approach to other products. ZOX Pro Training holds a very unique position in what it can do. Most other organizations “piece out” their products so they can continue to get more profit. That also means they are only geared to a little success at a time. ZOX Pro Training covers everything life throws at you.

Also, ZOX Pro Training covers ALL niches. There are not many things that can make such a bold statement.

Examples of how these steps are applied:

First there are 2 Internet Marketing examples. You can use them or change them to suit, as long as you are using them to sell ZOX Pro Training: