ZOXpro training  Modules, Bonuses, and Additional Training  ZOXpro training

ZOX Pro Module Overview

Module 1 – Introduction To The Amazing Secret Discoveries Of Richard Welch, The Father of Mental Photography PLUS Einstein’s Distraction Index

(Run Time Approximately 60 minutes)
In the first ZOX Pro Training module, Richard Welch reveals all the talents and abilities you are about to unleash from within. The introduction explains all the benefits of the ZOX Pro Training system.

Richard then leads you step by step through Albert Einstein’s “Distraction Index”, a simple but EXTREMELY effective exercise that gives you 100% laser targeted focus and concentration which can be applied to everything you do, reading, studying, problem solving.

The ZOX Pro system gives you armor against distractions. You’ll achieve more in less time.

Module 2 – How To Relax And Reduce Stress. PLUS Program Your Mind To Success In All Areas Of Your Life By Harnessing The Power Of The Secret Law Of Attraction

(Run Time approximately 20 minutes)

Richard Welch reveals to you a little known technique that dramatically increases your awareness and perception, turbo-charges your intuition, enhances your visualization abilities. All it takes is less than 2 minutes every day.


Module 3 – How To Tap Into and Heighten Your Intuition, Perception and Peripheral Vision Using A Little Known Secret Technique That You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

(Run Time – approximately 26 minutes)

This exciting module literally gives you the keys to the kingdom!

Richard will guide you through the exact steps you need to take to re-program your sub-conscious mind, to enable you to change the things you want. Including relationships, career and time management. You will also discover how to let go of all the stress and learn how to relax more!


Module 4 – Your Introduction to Mental Photography… Discover How To Soak Up Information At 25,000+ Words Per Minute PLUS Tap Into Your Natural Photographic Memory Abilities… So You Literally Cannot Forget New Information

(Run Time approximately 44 minutes)

Get ready to become a genius overnight!

This amazing module reveals to you the phenomenal natural learning process called Mental Photography (ZOXing).

Richard will lead you skilfully through the simple steps to mastering Mental Photography. This process opens up the neural pathways between your conscious and sub-conscious minds. This means you will be tapping into the truly UNLIMITED part of your brain! The more you use it, the more powerful you will become.


Module 5 – Steps To Rapidly Advancing Your Mental Photography Skills

(Run Time – approximately 15 minutes)
You will discover more about the Mental Photography process and will advance your skills by ‘Photographing’ new material. Remember, the more you use the process the better your results will be!

Dr Maxwell Maltz told us in his phenomenal book Psycho Cybernetics, that after doing something for 30 days it then becomes a habit. The smart people who use Mental Photography and the ZOX Pro Training system for 30 days discover that Mental Photography becomes a habit. It’s these people who reap benefits of ZOXing.


Module 6 – Mental Photography And Safe Guarding Yourself Against Subliminal Advertising

(Run Time – approximately 18 minutes)

Advertisers have been using subliminal symbols, messages and other techniques since 1954. Why? These are powerful strategies and advertisers want you to buy whatever they are selling!

This module helps you identify subliminal messages and retain them forever.


Module 7 – How To Trigger Mentally Photographed Information To Your Conscious Mind With 100 Times The Impact Of Reading

(Run Time approximately 35 minutes)
In previous modules, you have discovered how to store information in your long term memory (a part of your sub-conscious mind), with 100% retention for life, at 25,000+ word per minute (that’s fast!)

This module gives you alternative techniques for ‘triggering’ information to your conscious mind. Which means, you will know exactly what you have photographed with 90% – 95% comprehension…


Module 8
– Wrap Up And Review Of What You Have Learned, PLUS How To Get The Most Out Of The ZOX Pro Training System

(Run Time – approx 11 minutes)
In this final module Richard Welch ties everything together. He also gives you a clear path to follow to help you get the most of out of using the ZOX Pro Training system.

Bonus Items


Do you realize you were born with this ability – but you were robbed of it at school!

You receive 4 special recordings from Richard Welch. Each are designed to guide you through deep relaxation exercises. These will help you to let go of stress faster than you ever thought possible. These techniques will also help “charge your batteries” So look out world – a new revitalized you is just around the corner!

Each of these special recordings also target different aspects of the Mental Photography process, which means your ability to ‘Photograph’ books at 25,000+ WPM will be dramatically improved purely on auto-pilot.



This e-book introduces you to a collection of inspired writings. They’ll give you insights that can help you to master your own mind and accelerate all areas of your life.



The Law Of Attraction is operating 100% of the time, whether you are aware of it or not… NOW is the time for you to become fully aware of it and use it to your own benefit!

In this amazing e-book you will discover exactly what the Law of Attraction is, how it works… BUT more importantly, how you can use it to help you achieve success in your own life!


Supplemental Training via email (Make sure you sign up and verify to have these delivered.)

10 emails delivered to your mailbox – These emails are designed to broaden your horizons and help you experience more of the world around you.

TASKS via email

10 emails delivered to your mailbox – Real world task to further your investigation of how you can apply ZOX Pro Training in the real world.