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IMPORTANT… Please Bookmark this page for future reference.

ZOX Pro Brain Training, Photographic Memory, Speed Reading, Accelerate Learning

Thank you for purchasing ZOX Pro Training

IMPORTANT… Please Bookmark this page for future reference.


We want you to have the best experience here at ZOX Pro Training. Please take the steps listed below to properly set up your computer for the best results.


1. Whitelisting

The Internet has become unreliable for email delivery. Your ZOX Pro Account details and part of your training come to you by email. If you do not take this step, we cannot be assured you will receive these important emails. It is the first and MOST IMPORTANT step.

Here is a good resource for whitelisting with different email providers:     (The * is a wildcard designation.)
(Clickbank Confirmation Notice: Please check you various folders, including Junk and Spam, if your Confirmation Notice did not make it into your “IN BOX”.)
1b. Alternative email Service
If you continue to have problems communicating through email with us, we have found the Gmail seems to be the easiest for us to communicate with. You can get a free address by going to this link:

2. Browser Selection

Browser ability counts for the best viewing and experience here.


Google ChromeFirst Preference – please download a free copy if you do not have it. You can download it here:

Firefox – Second Preference

Most other browsers, like Internet Explorer, need additional programs to be loaded in order for the training area to respond correctly.

Safari – Don’t bother.

Mobile phones, notepads, etc. – Most work well when you download Chrome from your App Store. To print out .pdf files, you should be able to interface with a printer.


3. Helpdesk

The Helpdesk is your hub for solving issues with ZOX Pro Training. If you have a question or are having an issue, please ask it here.

You can also use the Helpdesk for asking about other services, such as seminars and coaching.

(NOTE: Your ZOX Pro Password will not work with the Helpdesk. You would need to set up your own password by selecting “Forgot Password”.)


4. Setting up delivery of Supplemental Training emails.

Please fill in this form and push SUBMIT to be added to the delivery system:



5. Other clients have purchased this…


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6. Register into ZOX Pro Training

Please make sure you have covered the required points above before taking this step.



Thank you for taking the time to cover the previous steps. It will make your learning experience much better. We know you will have great results from integrating ZOX Pro Training into your daily life.

Shannon Panzo, PhD