Internet Marketing Niche Cross Promotion Email Example 1


As per the application of the Cross Promotion Formula, you must address a problem within that particular niche you want to solve. In this case the problem we will address is:

Lack of inactivity due to being overwhelmed

That is the symptom or the result of the underlying problem. The main problems are:

Decision Making and Depression

Also, because the Internet Marketing Niche is full of grandeur and fireworks, you better make a subject line that is appropriate to your niche. In this case I have suggested a subject line that is rather threatening:


I heard you were leaving Internet Marketing.

Body of the email:

Scientists have proven that if we have any more than 7 things to choose from, we go into overload, so by the time we go through the grocery store, we are in meltdown. They have even connected this to Clinical Depression. Many Internet Marketers suffer depression.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Do you have a clear decision making process? (Hint: Start with the ‘Process of Elimination’) Are you able to prioritize whether the price of cheese or the type of cheese is more important? (I like using cheese as an example) What if you add in the parameters of quality and branding? By now, most people would feel like their head is swimming just thinking about it.

So, how many decisions do you make daily? If you are an Internet Marketer, you need to really think on your feet. There is no time to waste, and you must make the right decision most of the time. Everything depends on it. Ooops, almost forgot; what about the stress?

Does stress have an impact on your decision making process? You bet it does. Most people would agree; it is much easier making good decisions when you are not under stress. But if you are making decisions while you are under stress, it can freeze you with fear to the point you are making NO decisions.

Things were so much easier when it was all less complicated. Now you have accumulated so much information, you don’t know where to begin. YOU ARE OVERWHELMED. You are not alone. You will find that most of your peers are having similar issues. You need a boot camp for your brain, or a reboot. Something that will shake out the cobwebs and give you a brain that works better.

There is a system that automatically does this and more. Information overload? Stress? Too many decisions?… No problem! Sure, it takes a little doing for you to know it is reliable for you. But look at all the other training you have ever taken. This exercises contained in this training take care of what all that extra information has done for you – confusion.

Many people in Internet Marketing suffer depression. If you want to take steps to prevent depression, a critical training you need is ZOX Pro Training. [hoplink]

Best Regards,


Remember: This is for your niche and for people that know you through what you present and write to them. It is a good idea to adjust the content so that it feels like you wrote it.

Internet Marketing Niche Marketers: You are permitted to use this as a swipe, as long as you are marketing ZOX Pro Training with it.