Internet Marketing Niche Cross Promotion Email Example 2

As per the application of the Cross Promotion Formula, you must address a problem within that particular niche you want to solve. In this case the problem we will address is:

Lack of training, or knowing where to get the information

That is the symptom or the result of the underlying problem. The main problems are:

Personal Information Management and Time Management

Also, because the Internet Marketing Niche is full of grandeur and fireworks, you better make a subject line that is appropriate to your niche. In this case I have suggested a subject line that is rather threatening:


When is Money Not Enough?

Body of the email:

Most people get into Internet Marketing, and especially the Internet Marketing niche for the money. You see how these professional Internet Marketers are doing so well. They want to sell you their secrets; even to the point of giving away their secrets. And yes, there is still money to be made those ways.

Most of these offers are in the open market after their “key followers” have had their chance to use the system for their gains first. And again, there is still money to be made. This is what you see. You feel it. You know it to your core there is money there just waiting for you to claim your share.

As most novice entrepreneurial Internet Marketers do, you have subscribed to systems and educational programs to assist you in reaching your goals. Now that you have all the information you need to make a “killing” you must take it all in so you can properly apply it. So you read it. You listen to it. You watch webinars on it. And after a considerable amount of effort and TIME … , you finally are ready to implement this wealth of information.

Here is where things go wrong for you. You have spent too much TIME accumulating your perfect way you are going to “do it”. The information you have gathered is OBSOLETE! The rules have changed while you were not looking. “BUT WHY?” you scream! Because the Internet is the “ever changing” and “fickle”.

How do I know this has happened to you? Because it has happened to all of us that participate in Internet Marketing. The only expectation that you should have with the Internet is that it will constantly change. So be prepared. IT WILL!

What then is my solution?

What you should be doing is sourcing and absorbing the newest information as quickly as you possibly can. Fast and accurate implementation is paramount. What is NOT working for you is getting old cheap information and taking too much real time to take it in before implementing it.

You need to get the information at light speed as it comes available. That way the only slow down may be the implementation.

I am going to show you a secret recipe, for F*R^E*E. (Don’t worry, I will still make money.) I want you to follow my logic here. If I can show you something that can make you successful at whatever you want to apply it to, then other people will want to know how you did it and who the person is that turned you onto it in the first place. (Me!) Here is the secret recipe for success:

“Superior Information gives you Superior Results.”

What this means is, “Anything you want to change or improve needs information you do not currently have.” In today’s fast paced world, you don’t have time to use the old regular methods like reading, or even speed reading. They just don’t do enough. You definitely need what ZOX Pro Training has, at OVER 100 TIMES FASTER than reading, with an unbelievable retention of 100% for the rest of your life. With that amount of knowledgeable impact, you quickly outpace your peers in anything you want to do.”

Not only will it give you the information; it will give you insights to gain the ultimate edge in the market – INNOVATION!

It also provides an important platform for you to create a stress-free lifestyle.

The training itself may appear too simple. But don’t be deceived. It is highly complex and oversimplified though many years of refining and distilling the specifics that make this a force to be reckoned with.

If you are serious about being a successful entrepreneur on the Internet, then you owe it to yourself to consider this system. Is it a “Magic Wand” or a “Silver Bullet”? No, it does take work. But you have already figured out that anything that is worthwhile does take work to gain the rewards. This system will pay you great dividends.

So check out ZOX Pro Training [hoplink] for yourself, and put an end to crying that your information is obsolete and ineffective.

Best Regards,

Remember: This is for your niche and for people that know you through what you present and write to them. It is a good idea to adjust the content so that it feels like you wrote it.

Internet Marketing Niche Marketers: You are permitted to use this as a swipe, as long as you are marketing ZOX Pro Training with it.