[From Podcast 11 Transcript] Decision Making


Neil Haley: Dr. Shannon is a photographic memory expert, a brain management expert, and also a mentoring expert and he does mentoring, go to  ZOXPro.com to find out more information. 


And our topic today is one that you know that people that need success, need to learn and how to make decision, right? So it’s the power of decision-making. So tell us about that.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Well, everything that you do in life, everything that is happening around you, whether it be your business decisions, your relationship decisions, even down to the piece of cheese that you want to have for dinner. These are all critical decisions. Now, the average person can make so many critical decisions without being bogged down. But after that, the mind starts accumulating decisions that haven’t actually been made. And this is what leads to what I call the miasma of indecision. Now, more than ever, it’s really important that people make their decisions and make them clean and easy because, why?


Well, if you don’t actually fulfill your decisions, you end up going into a type of depression, which can also down the road lead to chronic stress syndrome. Yes, it is all connected. So we want to stop doing the things that are bad for us and start doing things that are good for us. And that is making decisions properly. 


Whenever you have an excellent amount of information coming to you, what do you think the quality of your decisions are going to be that you make? 


Neil: Better much better.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Much better! Now, if you are just going along through life and you’re not accumulating very good information and you go to make decisions, what are your decisions going to be like if you’re making decisions based on poor information?


Neil: Very poor.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Very poor.


So as you can see, it’s very important for you to gain that information so that you can do your best in life by making proper decisions. Everything that you’re doing in life depends on it. Now, if you’re looking at the way that your path in life leads out, the way that your path unfolds before you is based upon the decisions that you’ve already made.


So likewise, you need to be making good decisions so that your path unfolds in the right way. If you don’t make good decisions, your path will lead you down a much rockier road and the trials and tribulations will be there for you.


There’s another aspect of decision making which is very important and for most people, it’s totally overlooked. That is intuition. I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to define for you what I mean by intuition. 


Intuition is information that you have in your subconscious that simply gives you an output without you knowing all the logical steps in between.


Now, what that means is you have all this information in your subconscious, your subconscious actually contains hundreds of thousands of times more information than your conscious ever can hope to hold at any one time. So really whenever you want great information, you look to your subconscious first.


Neil: Exactly. 


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Most people aren’t really communicating with or trained with using their subconscious specifically. So we have to rely on things like programming to relinquish that information so that we can then make our decisions based upon that incredible volume of information.


Whenever you start using your intuition, if you are not accustomed to using your intuition, it’s going to feel like you’re guessing.


 Neil: Right.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Well that’s how intuition works. You’re going to feel like you’re guessing because it’s not something that the conscious mind can relate to. So this is one of those things where it’s perplexing at first. But as you continue to use it this way, then you will also be able to gain confidence with us and be able to use it more and more. 


The more good decisions that you make, the more you learn to trust and rely upon your intuition to fill in the gaps. Well yes, your confidence will grow. If you are a business executive, what do you need? You need confidence. 


Neil: Yes. 


Dr. Shannon Panzo: You’re not going to get too far if you don’t have it. What if you’re involved in orchestrating a family? Well, you better have confidence too. 


Neil: Exactly. 


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Otherwise, you’re going to have problems, right. Okay. So did you have any particular questions?


Neil: Yea, the questions are so basically through photographic memory, you’re going to have more information so that you’re going to make better decisions because you’re going to know that a decision, sometimes the wrong the decision, based on your knowledge would not be a

good decision to go to try. You really know or based your intuition on having all that knowledge.


This may be getting you know drunk and wasted and not showing up for work is going to be a bad idea from what I’ve learned.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Well, yes, especially if you’re not on your game when you get there.


Neil: Exactly. Or you know, or it’s maybe a good decision to get some sleep because I’ve read up on that or was able to figure out, like more sleep, I’m going to be more relaxed the next day or I’m not going to be stressed. Things like that. Make those good decisions.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: We’ll sleep in itself is its own topic and we do not need to be sleeping our life away. The average person does not need as much sleep as they tell us. 


Neil: What? How many hours of sleep do they need?


Dr. Shannon Panzo: The average person only really does need 4-6 hours of sleep a night. 


Neil: Okay.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: And, there are other things that you can do, say power naps or meditation sessions, things like this that you can do to actually raise the amount of relative Zs that you’re getting so that you have more zeal during the day. And you can also use this to predict how to actually approach sleep during the night to get the most out of your sleep during the night.


Neil: Okay


Dr. Shannon Panzo: I haven’t slept what they referred to as a regular night sleep in years. So I do pretty well. The main thing to note is whenever you wake up in the morning, are you seriously tired?


If you’re not seriously tired, get up and do something. Most people will find the first time that they wake up in the morning they feel great. And then if they stay in bed and lull around, when they wake up, they’ll feel really bad. So if you wake up and you feel okay, get up, go do something. 


Neil: All right. 


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Enjoy life.


Neil: All right. So we went through the importance of decision making is you have all that information and intuition and confidence. What determines who is smarter?


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Okay, this is really an interesting topic. Most people really don’t realize what makes one person smarter than another. You can take two people. They have exactly the same education, they have the same vocabulary, the same abilities. One will be smarter than the other. Why? What do we measure that as? 


Neil: More and more information in your brain. 


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Close. It’s your accessibility to that information stored in your memory. The person that is smarter has a much faster ability to take that information and lay it out there for you. So yes. This is like the game show answer. Well, what makes the game show person smarter? They can be equal but one is going to be smarter than the other; the person that pulls up the information the quickest. So that’s actually how we rate people as being smarter.


Now we also have a thing called I.Q, the intelligence quotient. Now people often ask me if ZOX Pro increases your I.Q. Of course, it does because ZOX Pro gives you the ability to take in huge volumes of information and actually get that quality information that you need in there. And will it raise your I.Q?


Of course, it will be easy and really when it comes to testing I give the example of the traditional fisherman, he goes out there every day and he goes fishing, this is what his occupation is. He is the local genius on being the fisherman. Everybody comes to him for advice on how to fish. Now he knows everything there is to know when it comes to fishing in that area. Does that necessarily mean that he is going to do well on a so-called IQ test? Probably not.

 But that doesn’t preclude the fact that he’s still genius in what he does. 


Neil: All right, so how do I get smarter and make great decisions?


Dr. Shannon Panzo: Well now you’re talking to the right person. Well, first of all, what my recommendation would be is to get ZOX Pro training. That will start you on a really good path of utilizing your photographic memory, strengthening your brain. It’s the greatest brain exercise that you can have available to you. That’s mental photography. It enables you to be aware of your surroundings, gains in many different ways. Everything is all right there. Now if you want to step it up we also have mentoring. Mentoring is only available for a certain number of people at a certain time simply because there’s not enough of me to go around.


Neil: You can’t stay busy. You can’t stay booked, where you only get two hours of sleep.


Dr. Shannon Panzo: I’ve done that too. But that’s not the that’s not the point of it all.


The main thing is, get the amount of sleep, or meditation sessions, that you need each day in order to be at your performance level and that’s what you want to be able to do. And again, this is one of the things that I teach in the mentoring. I actually show you how that happens. And so there’s a lot of good things there as well.


So how do you get smarter? How do you make great decisions? Well, yeah, exercise your brain. It all comes into focus.


Neil: All right, so go to ZOXPro.com right now, follow Dr. Shannon on all the different social media sites and we’ll just keep going with another great episode coming up next week.

 So I’m looking forward to it.


 Dr. Shannon Panzo: Thank you for having me. 


Neil: All right. Again, that was the photographic memory podcast.

Take care guys.