Photographic Memory Podcast 10 – Law of Attraction (from transcription)


Neil Haley: Hi everyone and welcome to the photographic memory podcast. I’m excited. 

Welcome to the Program Dr Shannon Panzo. Dr Shannon, what’s going on? 


Dr Shannon Panzo: Hey, we’re having a great day here again in Australia. How are you doing today? 


Neil Haley: Always great to talk to you especially, because again, you’re the photographic memory expert, you’re also a great mentor and also a brand management expert. And you’re mentoring as we learned on last episode, really helps people because it really untapped their true potential in so many ways. 


And our topic today leads into that even more, the Law of Attraction, which is so important. 


Dr Shannon Panzo: Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of fun here today talking about the Law of Attraction. This is one of those topics that everybody seems to have their own opinion, but it really comes down to who’s actually getting the results. So we’re going to go into some different things with the Law of Attraction, so that people can start to understand just how complex it really is. It’s actually very simple, but at the same time, it is complex. 


Neil Haley: Absolutely. And we don’t make sure that that we look at this, the important thing of the Law of Attraction is if you have negative thoughts, if you don’t believe you’re going to have certain things, you’re going to attract bad things. 


Dr Shannon Panzo: Well, a lot of these things come down to an individual’s level of integrity, how well they know themselves, their own personal truth, what is realistic. There are many different things that are coming into the picture as to what it actually takes to make the difference with the Law of Attraction. So let’s jump in about the history of the Law of Attraction. 


The Law of Attraction has always been with us and this was actually notated in a formalized way of dealing with it. Back in 1912, a gentleman by the name of Charles Channel created what is called the Master Key System. Now, the master key system was delivered over a 24 week period of time. The people that studied it had plenty of money to burn. They were not your typical worker. Workers worked usually around 10 to16 hours a day, seven days week. They didn’t have time or the luxury of taking this on board. So this is actually the pursuit of the wealthy and the affluent. And inspired people like Napoleon Hill. People, like that. 


It was a very big undertaking because you had to restructure so many things about your life. You had to restructure the way you believed in things, how your connection is with God, all different sorts of things that simply you would not normally take into comparison with and these are things that the average person didn’t think about whenever they were actually going through their regular life. 


Neil Haley:  Well, yes, the implementation has always been the same. People need to understand and utilize personal Programming or dealing with your own subconscious. People need to understand that that is a key part of what you’re doing. This is not something that has been taken lightly, it’s not something that a person that has never dealt with these things before can simply take on board at the drop of a hat and expect that success. So personal Programming, can you get a little bit more into that or is that for longer, later time because we’re still in the history. 

Dr Shannon Panzo: Okay, personal programming… essentially what you do is you tap into your subconscious, you give yourself instructions of what you want to see happen in the future. You also have to have a pretty good imagination as to what you would like to see happening in the future. 


A person that I contacted did have something to add to this. This gentleman was a corporate goal setting coach. He made a lot of money teaching corporate goal setting. He told me he got out of the business, I said, well why did you do that? It’s so lucrative. I already knew the answer, but I wanted him to tell me why corporate goal setting doesn’t work. 


Neil Haley: Really tell me more. 


Dr Shannon Panzo: He goes about telling me how he would go into the board and the board will give him a list of instructions that they wanted their people to follow. The people were to set these as goals; program these things in order to elevate the company. Unfortunately, these things were not of interest to the workers. These were only of interest to the board members and maybe a few workers along the way. So really, when it came down to putting these things into their programming, what would happen is these things would fail. They were not part of the person’s design. It was meaningless to the person. 


When corporate goal setting was established, it sounds like a great idea as long as everybody’s buying in, including the workers. That’s not their job, their job is to work. So they would put the due diligence in and Program these things in and then at the end of the day, nothing would happen. Why? Because only 1% of those people that were there working actually had the same thing in mind as the company did; the go getters, the ones that really wanted to see the company prosper.


It’s not the workers job nor scope. So they weren’t worried about those things. They’re worried about the paycheck.  That’s what ends up happening. So when it comes to goal setting, goal setting has a certain set of parameters. Goal setting is very similar to the Law of Attraction. Some of the same principles apply. So whenever you look at the Law of Attraction, if something is not right for you, no matter how much you program that in, it’s not going to happen. 


Whenever the secret came along, oh boy, everybody jumped on that. Especially when you get somebody like Oprah going and saying, “Oh yeah, this is the way that I do things”. But Oprah has a massive task force of people. She says, “Gee, I would like to see this happen”, and magically everyone drops everything to make it happen. Do you think she doesn’t think she is the Law of Attraction? Well of course she does. But she also implements it in other ways as well. You still must ‘pay’ to ‘play’.


Neil Haley: What about when you talk about The Secret and I want to take a deeper dive with the Jack Canfields of the world where he wrote a one million dollar check to himself before Chicken Soup for the Soul, or you know, other people that are in that show The Secret. Do you feel that they live the law attraction in the right way or they really used it correctly? 


Dr Shannon Panzo: I would prefer to see people do it in a slightly different direction. But if that is in their particular form of integrity, they would have results. Likewise, if that is not in their integrity and they write out a $1 million dollar check for themselves, then they’re probably not going to get there. 


It actually has to do a lot with the person, the path that they’re on and everything about them as that individual. And this is what’s so important. These are the things that are not being talked about. People are just being given the basics of how to make programming work or the Law of Attraction work and then they’re left out there to do their own thing. 


You can read the Master Key System which is a book you can purchase, it’s typically over 100 pages and it is extremely complex. As you start to read into this thing, you go, oh my God, what is going on here or what am I supposed to be doing? Because “This is so foreign to the way that I think”. Again, back in 1912, this is the same reason why the affluent were the people that gravitated to this book. It’s because they were the ones in that class that could actually undertake these changes without affecting their life. 


So what I’m hearing is if we go back to history, The Master Key System by Charles Haanel and inspired by Napoleon Hill.  Okay, here’s if you take something like the Master Key System or even just straight up Law of Attraction as per the sacred or what have you, you put that in front of a non-intellectual person, right? And they’re going to go, what’s this? Get this out of my face. Okay, they’re not interested, right? But that same non-intellectual person, those people are inherently lucky. They will say something. They will say something like, “gee it’d be nice if and if falls in their life and if it doesn’t, they don’t care. Why? Because they put no energy into it. They haven’t thought about it. It’s been off the cuff. 


It’s a nice suggestion and they can live with or without it. And so if it does drop in their lap, hey a million dollars just dropped in your lap. That’s nice. Move on. This is their attitude towards things, and that’s perfectly fine. That is how it works. That is actually the true form of the Law of Attraction.

Neil Haley: You know, it definitely sounds like it. So the true form that if you really don’t have a belief system, you don’t Program yourself. You don’t really look at the specific things you say. I follow the Law of Attraction. I’m always looking at positive things. I’m already set in my bar real high, but yet you don’t have the skill set of the intellectual ability to get to that level. You’re kidding yourself. That’s what sounds like, right? 

Dr Shannon Panzo: The thing is, whenever you have all these people out there that are intellectual and they get these various systems about the Law of Attraction, what happens is they over intellectualize the system. They think too much about the system now, a very, very basic thing that makes it complicated. One of the things is it flies in the face of anybody trying to do this at first; this is a leap of faith. You have to jump into the river. Okay and you don’t know how deep that river is. You don’t know how wide it is. You don’t know how long it is. You have to jump into the river and go for it and that’s what this is all about. This is doing something that you would not normally do. 

Neil Haley: Yeah, definitely. Because in a lot of ways you’re saying, you talked in your mentoring as you’re helping mentor me as well because you want me to grow. Are you Programming yourself to do this? Are you Programming yourself to attract people? 


So let’s talk about what you’re doing. You’re using your ability and your mentoring Programs that people can contact you for you to mention them by going to ZOX which would be an unbelievable thing to have. Dr Shannon Panzo mentor because ZOX you can become that Dr Shannon has a few spots available, very limited for personal one on one coaching regarding mentoring. So mentoring not coaching. Sorry I always bring up mentoring to be able to give that mentoring. But let’s go to the point of why does ZOX Pro have better results than the Law of Attraction? 

Dr Shannon Panzo:  There are two different aspects here. When you look at the same method with ZOX Pro, we actually do utilize the same methodology as what everybody else does with ZOX Pro. But we get better results. Why? Because of the photographic memory, when you exercise the photographic memory, you’re exercising your brain. It amplifies everything that you do in life. It makes everything easier and better. 


So whenever you’re doing your Programming, it makes your Programming more effective and efficient. This is what raises our rate of people using the Programming, having results with their own personal Programming, whenever they go through ZOX Pro, they get this and they get the basic method of how to do the Programming, and actually have results with the Law of Attraction. 


The main thing you want are results. The results my clients have are quite dynamic compared to what you would normally see out there with maybe the secret or things like that. But there’s even something I do that goes a big step further based on that. ZOX Pro teaches the photographic memory, and through mental photography you have more success in the Law of Attraction for Programming. Right? So, that’s what I do. 


I’ve taught people how to use the Law of Attraction way before The Secret ever came along. About 35 years before The Secret. You know, it was a big name. So it’s been out there. We’ve been teaching it ever since inception back in 1975. From that point on, we’ve been teaching the Law of Attraction. 


We have the gears, and the wheels that actually make it work. And we’ve seen over time who has results, and who doesn’t, and what makes the difference? That’s why we have to have this extra little thing that we can do for people. All right, so people right now need to go to ZOX and, if they want, they go ahead and purchase ZOX Pro and go ahead and sign up to get a double whammy of good value. If you’re interested in mentoring, you need to contact me directly. You can contact me through the help desk or you can contact me through other channels, but that’s the easiest way to get a hold of me. Then we will discuss whether you’ll be applying for it, let’s put it that way. 


Neil Haley: So, I appreciate, again, Dr Shannon, we’re going to check you out again at ZOX I follow you on all different social media channels and I look forward to our next episode for sure.


Dr Shannon Panzo: Right, and thanks for having me again.


Neil Haley: So knowledgeable, and I’m definitely going to take some of those ideas with me on my way to start Programming myself to reach all of my highest potential and all those things. 


So I appreciate it. a nice day, That was the photographic memory podcast.