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This is the Photographic Memory Podcast, where we deal with the photographic memory. The photographic memory a natural automatic ability that you are already have within you. Most people have just lost touch with it. I teach people how to get reacquainted with using the photographic memory by using Mental Photography. It enables people to take in huge amounts of information and an exercise their brain in phenomenal ways. And that leads us to who can benefit from using it.

Everyone can benefit. But today, today, we’re breaking it down into certain types of people and professions, because certain professions need to have a certain memory versus other professions; so they can be very successful in those areas with the photographic memory.

Professional Photographic Memory use.…

What if you’re climbing the corporate ladder, and you need a lot more information than where you are currently. This is a great way to get that information very quickly, so that you can climb the corporate ladder. And also, by doing so it’s very self accomplishing. So it’ll give you a lot more confidence in what you’re doing every day. It will raise your productivity level because you can accomplish things. In a timely fashion, you can accomplish things much quicker, dealing with the information quicker. So there’s all types of time saving and time management, things built into this for you. If you’re if you’re the type person that wants to climb in a professional environment, this is something you need to do.

I often talk about the water cooler discussion. For example, you have everybody gathered around the water cooler. And everybody’s thinking the same thing, “Oh, Doggone it, I gotta go back to my desk, I got to look at that big stack of whatever it is, and I have to go through all of it whether it be documents or emails or what have you.”

It’s just daunting – the amount of information that people have to go through daily. And worse, if you’re a decision maker, you have to go through all that information and make decisions upon what you’ve gleaned from whatever that information is about. Well, the typical water cooler talk would be, “Gee, I wish I had a photographic memory, because it would make my life so much easier.” Well, then you have a photographic memory already. You’re born with it. It’s natural. And now the issue is, as most people do not have a grasp of what that means, they do not actually use it.

My answer is to show people how to get reacquainted with using their photographic memory and using it in their professional environment and whatever else you do. Whenever you’re using and exercising the photographic memory, it leads you to have a great memory overall. And from the amount of Mental Photography you do, it stimulates you to grow more dendrites, your memory storage compartments, of your brain. So you’re naturally gaining more memory. So are you able to memorize, and essentially do more things. This isn’t typical memory trick or memorization, which is the cup and hook method. This is real memory, it’s natural, it stays with you the rest of your life. It’s just something that you continue to use.

Get your brain to work for you…

You want your brain to be working for you instead of against you, because this is this is the whole crux of everything that you’re doing in life, everything you want in life, your individual system. You want it to work for you. That’s really important.

Along with time management skills, you also gain because your daily life tends to be more orderly, you also decrease stress. That’s a great boon. Yes, you can take away stress, how many people are completely stressed out from day to day, their adrenals are flying out, their cortisol is up, and they’re gaining weight. They can’t get a good night’s sleep? Oh, geez, “what am I going to do next?” Well, here’s the method, the method helps you in all these different things. (Cortisol suppresses your immune system, so you are more likely to get sick.)

Whenever you’re dealing in a professional environment, I don’t care if it’s a professional environment, a neutral environment, your family environment, whatever; your communication skills are paramount. By using, this methodology, you gain better communication skills. It’s another one of those natural progressions you learn. You learn more about the people you’re around, you have insights, because you now have the free time to actually observe those insights within you and make better observations about others.

You also have all this extra information, all this great information that you can fall back on to make better decisions. And if you make better decisions, you enter into fewer arguments, right? Exactly! This occurs not only at your work, but also at home.  You should want to take that opportunity, and have better communication skills. And of course, with all this, with all these different things, you might have a bit of a positive mental attitude coming on board; you might be able to think a lot more positively about your environment and things that you have to go through. Stop worrying about so much.

Do Scientists Bleed? (the corrupted heart)

A scientist in today’s world… there’s pure science, which I think most scientists when they enter that particular profession, and hoping that they can stay with what they would refer to as pure science. In other words, you have your particular aspect of science, you go along, you do your work, and you get an output that is relative to that science.

Unfortunately, today, scientists typically don’t get paid a lot of money. But they do get paid a lot of money if they become a consultant. Here’s where things get tricky because a person has to look at their integrity. Follow this. If you if you’re a scientist, and you’re qualified as a scientist, you might be asking, “What am I supposed to do here, I have this great new employer that wants to bring me on board as a consultant to prove that, whatever it is that they are doing is the best thing, so that they can put that out for PR and justify potentially wrong actions? And in my heart, I know that that isn’t the truth.”  Well, this is what the cigarette industry did for years and years that said, “Smoking is good for you.”

 They used scientific consultants that wiggled the numbers, and I said likewise. Those people got paid a lot of a lot of good money to do their job. That makes it right, because they’re putting their livelihood on the line. But was it the truth? Not necessarily so. So you have to come down to what your integrity is saying is right thing for you. One of the critical features is finding and knowing what the truth really is. And this is something that you have to look at from a judgment call. It’s something that will wear upon a person simply because if they make the wrong decisions. So the more information that they get about a particular topic, and the more that they’re able to deal with that information. Thus, the better at doing their job, and the better at making their own decisions as to what their path is going to reveal.

Police and other Emergency Workers…

One of the big aspects with regards of the ZOX Pro Training… we teach people how to be a lot more aware of their surroundings, have a higher degree of perception awareness around them seven to 10 times what you would not normally experience. What this means is, you get great intuition and you get great feedback of your surroundings. There are many examples of this.

Emergency workers, like police, firemen, military, etc. often find themselves in bad situations. When they have been doing that same job for years, they tend to develop a sixth sense, which allows them to “dodge a bullet”. It seems to be the new guy that ends up getting hurt, as they do not understand the environment. They haven’t gotten a feel for it yet.

How does ZOX Pro help people in those risk filled professions? It teaches people how to be tuned in and aware of their surroundings.


What about parenting? Oh, you got to have eyes in the back your head there? Well, let’s go back to communication skills. Oh, intuition, yes, communication skills, that session making a positive mental attitude, problem solving. All these things have to do with your family life. Now, there is actually an overlap between your professional nature, your parenting skills, and your home life.

A bad day…

Whenever you have a bad day at work, what do you do, you bring it home, whenever you have a bad day at home, and you take it to work? Well, that’s not productive in either case. So once you are actually being productive in one or both of those areas, it is reflected into the other as well. It’s very holistic. Therefore, if you have a good day at work, when you come home, you have a better day at home. Even though it feels like the ground shaking and the world’s falling apart. You’re still having a better day than what you had the day before, when you didn’t have that good day feeling.


It makes sense what the photographic memory does to help in your parenting skills for sure. For students, it’s common sense, a no brainer. Students will be able to memorize more; they’re going to be able to read faster, they’re going to be able to answer questions more quickly, and they’re going to ace that it’s going to be easier to study. For students, this is a godsend.

If you’re going to university, for every hour that you spend in the classroom, you’re supposed to be spending three to four hours in the library or studying diligently for whatever the topic is. So, that’s four to five hours for every hour that you actually are attending school. Now, do you want to have a life while you’re at university?

I have a client named Michael. Michael was your average student, he wasn’t doing all that good with his grades. He got through high school, okay. And then he goes into university. He’s failing miserably. He’s just tanking it. And so he comes to me and he says, “Dr. Shannon, I got to do something here. I got to create a professional life for myself, my family expects it. I am expected to have higher goals, and this can show me how to do that.” So, I show him how to do it.

Afterwards, he hardly even attends University. And “the game” in the university is everything is about book knowledge. What he would photograph all the books, turn around, pass all the tests, he would study maybe 10 minutes a week to do this. My goodness! He hardly ever attended classes except to take the exams. That is this is how he went through college. He’s now a doctor Chinese medicine. He travels all over the world.

These are the types of people that I have the opportunity to train as people that want more out of life. They know there’s a better way. They can’t stand the slow, ridiculous pace that everything is set out for them. So, they come to me and they find out how to do it in a much more accelerated ways.

Oh, one more testimonial. Since we’re, since we’re talking about universities… Dr. Ted Valley, well, whenever he was exposed to ZOX Pro, he was not a doctor. He was going through college, he created a family he created a home for himself. And all those things burdened his time. Then he decided to go and become a doctor. He’s a chiropractic doctor now. So, how did he do it? He utilized ZOX Pro to totally accelerate everything he was doing, and maximized his efficiency. Everything he needed to do to get his degree. Fast. And now he’s a chiropractic doctor.

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