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In 1992, Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography, speaks to the Global Sciences Congress about startling scientific breakthroughs in speed reading and accelerated learning. Anyone can learn at extremely high speeds and tap into their innate eidetic memory / photographic memory. The following video focuses on photographic reading, photographic memory, how to improve memory, reading, speed reading, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and more. The school system should implement and mandate this training to all school students.

Richard Welch PhD, Father of Mental Photography

Dr. Richard Welch
Father of Mental Photography



Richard Welch on ZOX Pro – Part 3 of 8


Speed Reading

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Now we did not stop at those speeds of two pages per second. We didn’t know any better at that time. So we continued until it became literally a dexterity page-turning contest. But we continued on up until we bypassed the existing world record in speed reading of a hundred-thousand words a minute. Then we went beyond two-hundred thousand, three-hundred thousand, four-hundred thousand, five-hundred thousand and eventually a young boy, a fourteen-year-old boy, by the name of Larry Mayper from Phoenix, Arizona actually Mesa, Arizona peaked out an amazing 606,000 words per minute physically turning pages.

Now that takes a book that turns pages very easily and also takes a book that has very small print and has a lot of words per page; and that book happened to be the book, “Ben-Hur”, which he went through in 30 seconds. Now, Larry did this in front of thirty educators at our school in Phoenix and then took a 100 question written test, true/false, multiple choice, fill in and matching questions and essay questions, that these educators had put together on that book, and scored ninety percent on the test.

What was probably more remarkable than the fact that Larry was able to turn pages at that speed, which was very remarkable, and the fact that he can score 90 percent on that test, was that Larry Mayper was a dyslexic. Larry Mayper had read one book in his entire life. Larry Mayper was a D-Minus student in school waiting for the day he was 16 years old and could drop out; with his parents blessing by the way. Because he had been put down all of his life as a non learner, a slow learner, a real misfit in the educational system, and so on.

The next semester, Larry went back to high school, still in his freshman year, and completed his entire semesters curriculum in all of his subjects in two weeks, with straight A’s. Three semesters later, Larry Mayper graduated from high school a straight-A honours student. And Larry wasn’t alone. We had many others that were doing the same thing; so many in the Mesa Central High School in fact at the time that they set up a special award for the top speed reader, as they call it, and we did too at that time, in the school. We had several other faculty that were involved. Several were even teaching for us by that time. And by that time we are also going into very extensive testing, all privately funded by myself, at Arizona State University.

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