I teach Mental Photography, which uses the photographic memory. You are born with it, and you keep it rest of your life. When you use Mental Photography you retain 100 percent of the information in your long term memory, for life. 

Whenever you have a better vocabulary, it tells people how smart you are. You will be noticed by your peers. You can upgrade your vocabulary at any time. It’s a key indicator on IQ tests. The better your vocabulary, the more likely you will score higher.

If you are using conventional reading to gain information, you first accumulate information, which may be useful. As you accumulate more, you fill in the gap, which becomes knowledge. Only with active experience applying the knowledge do you finally gain the wisdom. These steps usually take considerable time.

Whenever you use Mental Photography, you assimilate information at 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 or more words per minute. Due to the rate of information going to the long term memory directly, you are gain all three; information, knowledge, and wisdom at the same time. This is very different from conventional reading. You are using a different brain function.

Our life hinges on the decisions we make. With Mental photography you will make better decisions for your life. It all depends on the vocabulary, knowledge and wisdom you know. With Mental Photography you will make the best decisions. There is a world of benefits I will discuss in the next blog.