What is ZOX Pro?

From: Shannon Panzo, PhD & Richard Welch, PhD

Shannon-Panzo-managing-director-zox-pro-training-expertRichard Welch PhD, Father of Mental Photography

Dear Friend,

This could be the most important message you ever read in your life!

In just 231 minutes you will discover the most powerful whole life enhancement system available on the planet today… that can show you exactly step by step how to fully unleash the unlimited power of your ‘Super Conscious’ mind to bring you the life of your dreams quicker than you ever thought possible!


You could fall into the sea of people who let yet another life-changing opportunity pass them by…

The choice is yours.

This exclusive training by Richard Welch, “the Father of Mental Photography”, is now available to YOU.

Until now, only the WEALTHY could afford this self-empowering training!

We have taken all the best parts of Richard’s teachings; the core training of Brain Management and Mental Photography, and condensed it down into an exciting, easy-to-use new training called “ZOX Pro”. ZOX Pro Training is the quickest, most effective, streamlined version of Richard’s Brain Management and Mental Photography training available today.

…Now, Mental Photography at fraction of the cost! 

Richard Welch is an optimistic humanitarian

He knows that his techniques can help solve the problems that humankind is faced with today, just like it has done for the hundreds of thousands of people who have already experienced his amazing systems first hand. With ZOX Pro Training he can help the world – one person at a time.

Richard Welch wants the rest of the world to benefit from his lifelong search to Build the Better Brain.

His methods reveal simplistic technology that we are born with, but most people do little with — a brain technology used by all of us as the underlying basis of all learning…

A Shockingly Simple To Use, Yet Revolutionary Whole Brain Process…

“Mental Photography”! (We call it ZOXing.)

ZOXpro training

How Did Mental Photography Come About?

What began as a speed reading company owned by Richard Welch back in 1975, through much research and development, very quickly turned into an amazing scientifically proven phenomenon, now known as Mental Photography, that allows you to do some incredible things…

What I am about to share with you may be a little hard for some people to believe at first…

Bear in mind that Mental Photography has been successfully taught to the public since 1975, scientifically proven, and tested again and again, for over 35 years, on multitudes of people… AND it is very real… AND it works!

What Is Mental Photography?

In essence, Mental Photography is your natural ability to tap into your Photographic Memory (Eidetic Memory), and make it work for you. It is YOUR ultimate edge in life!

It is a natural learning process that everyone possesses that allows you to very rapidly take in books and ANY type of information at levels way beyond speed reading…


You can become one of the “elite” super minds. Start tapping your inner genius TODAY!

You will very quickly discover the advanced learning techniques that are so embarrassingly simple even 5 year olds can use them (and at this age, they do,… naturally!). It will allow you to learn new information at 100 times faster than the average reading speed!

So you will very quickly become a master at learning new information… even if you have learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADD or ADHD!

Mental Photography actually by-passes Dyslexia and other problem areas that can cause trouble with focusing and reading, and directly uses the part of the brain that is actually made for soaking up information like a sponge!

ZOXpro training

Did you know … that you only remember 50% of what you read the first time around … then you lose 90% of that information in just 48 hours?!

So that means you are only left with a measly 5% of all information you read… So for the mathematicians out there, you actually lose 95% in only 48 hours of reading something! …

With Mental Photography, you will…

Store information in your long-term memory 100% for life! You literally can’t forget it…

Achieve a MINIMUM SPEED of 25,000+ words per minute – over 100 times faster than the average speed of reading – to dramatically cut down your reading time. Our clients typically ZOX at speeds of 50,000, 100,000, or more WPM. (NOTE: We have never found a top speed limit.)

Be able to ‘upload’ a book into your long-term memory in a matter of minutes

Dramatically improve your lateral thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills

ZOXpro training
his process is so powerful, it will feel like you have read something 100 times over!

…Best part is, you can do all this in only a matter of minutes!

You don’t already have to be smart, nor be a genius! (Although, you can become one.)

Everybody is born with these natural talents, like your photographic memory… all you have to do is learn how to operate your inborn abilities… ZOX Pro Training shows you how.

AND you’ll find out how embarrassingly SIMPLE all of this is, after ZOX Pro Training teaches you the proven and tested, step by step methods of exactly how to do it.

By using the Mental Photography (ZOXing), you will be able to fly through mountains of work by quickly “mentally” photographing the material that you used to read through.

Before you know it you’ll have so much spare time on your hands you’ll be starting work late and knocking off early to spend more time with your family, get together with friends, or just enjoy some time to relax.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? Well, that’s not all because you’re about to discover…

Using ZOX Pro Training to Help You Gain The Life Of Your Dreams

I will explain further by telling you the rest of Richard Welch’s story

So after using, testing, refining, and simplifying Mental Photography and the synergistic process over a period of many years, Richard discovered that by using this process you are actually opening the pathway between your conscious and sub-conscious minds by Mentally Photographing books and information.

Our sub-conscious mind is the part of the brain that when you learn how to operate it properly, is absolutely UNLIMITED!

This is the hidden ‘Secret‘ inside the classic book by Napoleon Hill called ‘Think & Grow Rich‘! And the movie called ironically “The Secret“… In plain English – Learn how to harness the unlimited power of your sub-conscious mind automatically, to mentally create anything that you desire!

ZOXpro training
Simply by using Mental Photography, you are actually turbo charging the part of your brain that works with The Secret Law Of Attraction… to put your powers of manifestation 100% into HYPER-DRIVE!

In layman’s terms, we are handing to you on a silver platter an exact, scientifically proven, step by step process that you can use to ‘attract’ all the things that you have ever wanted in your life!

Some people have good things programmed in their mind, which means they attract good things into their life, while others have negative things programmed in their brain, which means they get negative results… and they are completely confused as to why they keep having bad things happen to them over and over again.

Isn’t it time you learned how to break these limiting habits so you can stop victimizing yourself?

Your brain is totally programmable…
and completely unlimited!

So what that means to you is, you can take over the controls and reset the dials in your head, to put you on course to ACHIEVING LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!

So, it is with great pleasure that I bring you the most powerful, yet simple training you can ever do for yourself.

Shannon Panzo, PhD

Great Things Happen Here

Mental Photography at ZOX Pro Training


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