Decisions are the one force that can create or destroy your Life; your own personal Shiva [God of Creation and Destruction]. Your health, your wealth, your relationships, or your career; decisions affect everything you do – balancing your Life on a knife’s edge. Every decision you make, no matter how big or small, can create tremendous change in possibilities you cannot yet see. Your decisions can lead you to greatness, or into the abyss of obscurity.

“No matter how far you’ve come, or where you believe you are going, wherever you are at this very moment, you are there, doing exactly as you are meant to be doing.” – Shannon Panzo, PhD

Make Life’s Decisions easier with ZOX Pro

Let’s get REAL for a moment…

There comes a point in everyone’s life that you must make a decision or take a stand for what you believe in.

Do you believe there is more in life for you?

Do you believe you are worth receiving goodness in your life?

Are you willing to take the steps in life that make it possible?

Are you willing to leave the negativity in your life behind?

Your CHOICE – Making Good DECISIONS…

You can remain an obscure part of the millions of people that decide to do nothing, be a victim, or just another of the great unwashed. You can allow mob mentality to rule your every move. You will never be alone in the swarm; the horde that carries you along, dictates your decisions, and mandates the addiction of the “one of us” mindset. Or you can rise above it all, and take up the gauntlet – the challenge. I am passing this message along to you today because I see all the ne’er do-wells, the window shoppers, fence sitters, and self acclaimed victims claiming they want a better life. This training is the way to free yourself from your self-imposed imprisonment; full of fear, hate, and discontent. ZOX Pro is the means by which you can conquer your worst enemy – Yourself. 2016 is just about done. How well did you do? Did you make it great? …make the grade? …or not at all? Another year is upon us. What will you do in 2017? What will your life be like? Answer this: Do you want your life to be better? If your answer is YES, Then you owe it to yourself to get ZOX Pro Training, and use it with steadfast commitment. If your answer is NO, then all of the nice articles, the research, the experiences, and the elevating secrets I share with you have fallen on deaf ears. I really do mean this:

“Great Things Happen Here!”

Great things will happen for you too; if you prepare yourself in the right way, and allow yourself to accept that great things will happen for you.


If you plan to have a great life, then expect change. Even to maintain a great life, expect change.  How you handle change can be your undoing, as the life you prefer can quickly be undone with one wrong move. If you are moving your life in the opposite direction, then the opposite is true, you can simply make one outstanding decision and find yourself living on easy street. It is all like a big game of chess; except you are playing blindfolded, as you will not see what the other player, life, has in store for your next move.

Good Luck!

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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