How Do You Get a Photographic Memory?

The idea of the photographic memory excites most people. Hollywood glamorizes it and tells us that the photographic memory is something that truly goes bump in the night. And that you will have all your memories available to you in picture perfect clarity, so that if it is readable information, you can read it to yourself as if off the page, word by word. But the Hollywood experience also covers knowing every number in the phone book, by scanning it just once. And you would never even begin to guess this; it is all true.

I just heard a massive intake of air from you, from your surprise. Yes, the photographic memory is alive and well in all of us because we were born with it. As unbelievable that this sounds, the very thing that you seek has actually been there for you all along — the photographic memory.

What is photographic memory

Now there are a few issues with understanding the true nature of the photographic memory and why you are not able to use it as you would like. You were actually born with an eidetic memory, not a photographic memory. Think of the eidetic memory as the photographic memory on all sensory levels. So saying, photographic memory is actually very limited. The reason why photographic memory was chosen as an easy way to refer to the eidetic memory is most people relate to the world visually.

Photographic Memory = Eidetic Memory

Now that you know the photographic memory is much more than you thought, it is important to know, you can also have improved memory of taste, smell, hearing, and touch as well.

Games for Memory

To increase your memory, you can use brain exercise, and for fun, you can use games for memory improvement. There are also advanced whole brain training techniques for maximizing your effectiveness by creating whole brain balancing; or hemispheric balance.

There is still hope for you to find your way back to what you were born with; your photographic memory. Your possibilities are immense.

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