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What Happens to the Memory of an Event?

Why do I Forget what I read?

We are asked this question quite often. Your memory is very important to you. But the things you want to remember are fleeting; or are they? Are the  memories actually burned in somewhere else?

Eidetic Memory / Photographic Memory…

You are born with your eidetic memory (photographic memory) fully turned on and functional. You never lose it.  Therefore, your #PhotographicMemory automatically records everything you do and experience in life. Most of those instances you do not need to record, but you do anyway. If you have something important happen to you, but you do not consider it important at the time, then initially you may forget the details of the event. But through hypnosis, you can pull a great amount of detailed information from that same event.

The Hippocampus – What You Forget…

The other aspect of this is actually the part of your brain that deals with your short-term memory – the hippocampus. The #hippocampus is a limiter, a filtering system that tells your conscious mind what information is NOT important, so that the NON-IMPORTANT information is “forgotten” by the conscious mind. It is the same reason you cannot remember the details that you can remember under #hypnosis. Once the #hippocampus has determined what information to keep in the short-term memory, it takes about 48 hours for that information (~5% of the original amount of information) to be sent to the long-term memory, relative to you having conscious recall of that same information.


Location of Hippocampus in the Brain

All of the information is buried in your long term memory via your subconscious, but most can only be recalled if you have built the bridge between the conscious and subconscious that you build with ZOX Pro Training.

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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Hippocampus Forgets

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