Richard Welch speaks on Mental Photography and Brain Management for schools. Leading scientists and scholars from around the world attended to hear what is shaping mankind for the world of tomorrow. Reading and speed reading is old-fashioned. The traditional school system is obsolete by the way it teaches.

Richard Welch PhD, Father of Mental Photography

Dr. Richard Welch
Father of Mental Photography

In 1992, Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography, speaks to the Global Sciences Congress about startling scientific breakthroughs in speed reading and accelerated learning. Anyone can learn at extremely high speeds and tap into their innate eidetic memory / photographic memory. The following video focuses on photographic reading, Mental Photography, photographic memory, how to improve memory, reading, speed reading, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and more. The school system should implement and mandate this training to all school students. Using the photographic memory in school is smart education.



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… About the same period of time, when these breakthroughs were taking place, we were scouring, my staff and myself, were scouring the libraries in the Phoenix area trying to find anything like this that has ever happened on the globe before, and if so what we can learn from it. We ran across the book written by an individual, an educator in the United States here by the name of Doctor Verle McBride.

Doctor McBride taught at a small college in Missouri. He actually, in 1959, had developed a system similar to what we were doing. Still called it speed reading, as we did in those days also, but had actually taken young teenage children over a hundred thousand words per minute and demonstrated it on live television on NBC, and was written up in all the Chicago papers. And he also was on Paul Harvey show several times, and got a lot of publicity.

Being an educator he tried to take it to the educational community; which is where it really belongs; in schools. And of course it was way before its time; and he was literally chastisised in everyway you could imagine and finally left alone the educational community as far as trying to get this incorporated. He did write a book….I think a beautiful title, “Damn the School System, Full Speed Ahead!”

We found this book in the Arizona State University Library. There aren’t too many copies out there. But in that book, Doctor McBride, mentioned a man by the name of Georgi Lozanov, Bulgarian scientist who developed what we call in this country, Super Learning, which by the way isn’t anything like what Lozanov deals with in Eastern Europe, and also a man by the name of Doctor Herbert Otto.

Dr. Otto, for years, he is now deceased; died in 1980, Dr. Otto for years ran the Foundation for the Advancement of Human Potential in La Jolla, California. He had a very interesting job to say the least. He literally travelled the globe either verifying or discounting advancements in human potential in a variety of different things and published results on them and so on down the line.

Well I contacted Dr. Otto, by phone, and told him what was taking place in Phoenix, what we are seeing happen and what was going on. And his initial remark to me was “Oh my God, you’ve found it!” Now I didn’t really realize what that meant at that time. As a matter fact my question back to him was what have I found? He said “Well, you found one of the most powerful forces on the face of the earth. I would rival it to any hydrogen bomb. And the reason I say that to you is that if this is used on a mass basis it can literally change societies almost overnight.” He also told me that it was every bit as powerful tool negatively as it was positively.

He wanted to know a little bit more about me, the person that had been entrusted with this particular breakthrough and my background and so on; and of the first questions he asked me was “Are you a psychologist?” I said “No.” and his answer to that was “Thank God!” He then, after we talked for a while, asked if I was in a financial position to fund the research involved with this myself and protect it completely so that it could not be out here into the wrong hands, if you will. And I said I was and he was very happy to hear that.

And in the next 15 years we did an awful lot of testing and research and development with this process, not only in Arizona State University but Stanford Research Institute of Palo Alto, California and a lot of private testing although funded by myself. And all was set up so that anyone involved in a particular segment of it. And no one was involved in all of it except myself. They had to sign forms they could never divulge the information and we have been able to protect it. The process itself is under a trade secret so that no one can duplicate in this country or Canada, and we’re now going globally with it.

This process… We have found so many things over the last few years; to date over 350 different applications for the use of the part of the brain we tapped into in 1975. It literally taps the other ninety percent of the brain that is unexplored territory. We have enormous abilities lying within us and it’s almost as if it acts as a conduit to universal knowledge; whatever is out there and available is just…there!

Astounding things happening with people utilizing this and we are now teaching the classes in a format of three hour lessons over a four-day span of time. We have learned so much about this and had spent years, in fact over five years Just simplifying, simplifying…

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