A Business Marketing Exercise

(Part 1)

Recently, I was asked, “What makes your product – ZOX Pro Training – different from other brain management products in the market?” The question was asked by a promoter wanting to promote our ZOX Pro Training seminar on line, using the top 10 things that make it different. This made me stop and think. This was something I had not assessed for some time. It would be a valuable exercise for me. It is basic marketing, and if you have a business, you should revisit this periodically with your business. Once I got started, I came up with even more than 10 things that make the ZOX Pro system different from other brain management programs. That’s great!

This is an excellent exercise for any business that wants to market what is has to offer. List the attributes about your business or its products. Start with a short list of key things – an outline. These attributes should be what makes your product stand out in the market. They could be unique properties, like ZOXpro.com on the Internet, they could be a better design, or they could be a combination of attributes, together defining your business that places it above the competitors’.

If you have No Other Quality – Sell Yourself!

If you cannot think of anything that makes your business or its products special, then you need to look elsewhere to build your list. First, sell yourself. If your business has nothing different to offer, then offer yourself. Who are you? Why would you be the better person for someone to deal with than someone else?

Now, if you can’t think of any way that you can sell your business attributes, your product attributes, or yourself, you need to start asking yourself, “Why am I in business?” The good thing is that you haven’t run out of options of what you can pull attributes from. How about relatives or friends? Have you tried to convince people you know to try your products? We have tried out ZOX Pro with people we know with great success.

So, it is a good idea to make a list of the top 10 attributes for your company. Be creative and see what you can come up with, then read our next article in this series to see if what you have come up with may be useful in your marketing plan.

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