a Definition of Genius

A genius is someone who displays outstanding logical ability, ingenuity, cleverness, or inventiveness, typically related to the attainment of fresh advances in an environment of familiarity. Everyone, including you, has a special gift or ability. Your capacity or endowment is something you can do better than anybody else. In many circles, this is called genius. Other parameters that define genius are genius tests for “intelligence quotient“, or IQ tests; as they assign a mathematical value to whether you are a genius or not.

ZOX Pro Training can easily be referred to as genius training, and is the only mind training program that has lived to its promise to improve brain power for well over three decades.

Genius Bar

Apple has always been a forerunner in making their operations sound cutting edge and friendly at the same time. So, it comes of no surprise that Apple’s in-store technology support station is christened “The Genius Bar” and is sited in Apple retail stores. Genius Bar is a one-stop-shop for Apple products users who have queries about their Apple software or hardware. Smart!

Raising Your Genius Bar

ZOX Pro Training is a detailed mental training system that can train your brain up to genius level and beyond. The results from IQ tests are not stamped in concrete for life. You can raise IQ considerably. ZOX Pro offers an inclusive mental training that includes their pioneered methods. ZOX Pro gives you an opening to use assured techniques to alter your life positively.

Girl Genius

From Girl Friday, become Girl Genius; you need to boost up your mental ability. An IQ test can prove to the world that you are a girl genius. ZOX Pro advocates that you speed up developing into a genius by going through and using their system. The training has several modules that teach you how to train your mind to a genius level.

Join forces with other geniuses by signing up at ZOXpro.com. After using the program, your mind power improves tremendously.

Real Genius

A real genius is one who conceives things and develops our understanding, familiarity, and abundance. Real geniuses nurture the human race and raises humanity to a new level. Although, most go through life as unknown, geniuses thrust into their fields and leave a deep-seated mark on the planet with their brightness, resourcefulness, and innovation – true “quiet achievers“.

Baby Genius

The mind of a baby is absolute genius. Functioning on all levels, it takes in instructions kinesthetically, intuitively and bodily, and then amalgamates and utilizes that information. A baby does that without effort or stress.

Amazingly by the age of five years, only 20% can function at baby genius level. And more strangely is that recent research has revealed that by the age of twenty, only about 2% can operate at genius level.

Do want to regain your genius mind?

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