What is Speed Reading vs ZOXing

Readers, the world over, claim Reading to be primary for communication, and an essential factor in the new knowledge financial system. It also remains as an effectual human activity used for conversion of information into facts, or simply to create frivolity for a visual platform.

Speed Reading

Enrolling for a speed reading course is something that attracts interest for many people. The course aids you to take in and retain more information in a shorter period of time. Speed reading also helps you keep the information for a longer time as well.

After taking a words per minute test, most people find out they are capable of reading at a standard rate of 250 words per minute. This means you would take about 2 – 3 minutes to read a standard page of a book or article.

However, with speed reading, this rate can be doubled to 500 words per minute. Even a few thousand words per minute is easily achievable. (Most speed reading courses will guarantee to triple your reading speed.) You spend less than half the time to whiz through all the content. The time saved can then be spent accomplishing other things or just relaxing.

Another benefit of speed reading is the increase in comprehension gives you more information at hand over reading. Thus, it allows you to understand your information better. Having better comprehension can benefit you in your workplace and career progression.


ZOXing is also referred to as Mental Photography. Mental Photography was invented in 1975 by Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography. ZOX Pro is an excellent system that can help you to improve your mental skills, ease stress, and amplify your reading ability.

With ZOXing, you do not have to spend a lot of time reading something repeatedly. The information stays put in your brain where you have learned it, and you learn to recall it whenever you need to. For students, ZOXing is a godsend, as you get your assignments completed quickly and take your exams with confidence. Individuals of any age, even with learning challenges, find ZOXing an effective way to advance their general learning skills. ZOXing also builds optimistic relationships with relatives, colleagues, and classmates, whilst offering foundations for enhanced relationships over your entire life.

ZOX Pro Training

Unlike most brain entrainment courses, the ZOX Pro Training system is backed by over 40 years of longevity and study. Richard Welch, the founder, is famous in various scientific circles. ZOX Pro Training is bent on unleashing your hidden brain power and your “inner genius”. The program is fit for anyone who wants to boost up their recall and reading ability for study, work or for self-fulfillment. But ZOX Pro applications are so over-broad, you can use it in any way you can imagine.

ZOX Pro’s training methods are realistic and straight forward; easy to put into practice. Your friends and family will see the results as you interact with them. The program is a “must do” for anyone who wants to boost brain power and exploit personal potential and efficiency.

ZOX Pro uses Mental Photography / ZOXing to connect you to your photographic memory (eidetic memory). The training has 8 modules that equip you with knowledge of how to amass information quickly, how to increase intuition and awareness, stress reduction, lead a successful life, and in general improve your brain’s capacity to achieve way beyond the average human being.

For information on speed reading, ZOXing, your photographic memory, and more, you owe it to yourself to visit ZOXpro.com

I don’t read… I ZOX !

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