Mental Photography and ZOXing

Mental Photography, or ZOXing, is a learning technique that allows you to absorb information at 100 times the average reading speed, with 100% retention for life. It is the main vehicle that generates a very strong connection between your subconscious and conscious mind. It opens a pathway to the part of your brain that has fantastic abilities, and acts as a conduit to universal energy.

Can Mental Photography Enhance Memory?

Students are tired of fruitlessly cramming for tests only to forget all they read within moments of sitting down to take the test. Other people are frustrated with their tendency to forget entire sentences and paragraphs moments after reading them. These situations desperately call for ZOX Pro Training – learning to help you realize you were born genius.

In fact, for the first 5 years of your life, Mental Photography is how you learn and store information with your eidetic memory. However, problems occur when people are taught to read. When you learn to read, the innate ability of Mental Photography, which allows you to Mentally Photograph, capture images, and even other sensations – the intense way you get information, is typically switched off. Reading does not work for everybody because it is not a natural ability, but Mental Photography is natural and can work for everyone.

Do People Really Need ZOXing?

You were born with your Mental Photography ability switched on – your eidetic memory, which you used for the first 5 years of your life. Mental Photography also raises your ability to counteract the effects of information overload, and raises the effectiveness of your eidetic memory and other learning abilities. Mental Photography is an important part of learning and must be used to exercise the functions of your brain to produce a strong, clear pathway between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Mental Photography Raises the Effectiveness of Reading

Mental Photography enhances the experience of reading. Usually, the average reading speed of a person is 250 words per minutes, but Mental Photography speed begins at 25,000 words per minute test. Within the personally attended seminars, people are tested for recall at 52,000 words per minute. However, a Mental Photographer’s words per minute test can show over 600,000 words per minute, with over 95% recall. When a reader Mentally Photographs the book before reading it, the reader will fly through the book as if they have already read it many times through. ZOXing definitely enhances the readers’ experience of reading a book. Without Mental Photography, you are barely scratching the surface of what your brain is capable of doing.

Can Anyone learn Mental Photography?

Absolutely! The fact that you rely on reading from the age of five does not make you an unsuitable candidate for learning Mental Photography and using your photographic memory. ZOX Pro presents comprehensive lessons for you to properly learn Mental Photography direct from the founders.

While exercising your brain, you will also be learning ZOX Pro Trainings’ endless attributes, uses and benefits; and you will experience them in your results during your training and afterwards. ZOX Pro is confident that learning to ZOX will empower you with knowledge and confidence for your success.

ZOX Pro Support is provided by experts. We want you to have results.

More Benefits from using Mental Photography

Mental Photography is not just limited to learning; it also opens up other amazing abilities the brain has, including:

  • Elevation of the whole brain activities – more brain power
  • Hemispheric balancing
  • Strengthening of neural pathways – neural plasticity
  • Glowing more memory – again via brain plasticity
  • Clearer and quicker thinking – clear the cobwebs
  • Dynamic subconscious and conscious communication.

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I don’t read… I ZOX !

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